Welcome Back!!

I am so excited to start my 10th year at Magdalen!

*6th graders will not need their PE uniforms until 2nd semester.

*7th and 8th graders will need their PE uniforms immediately.

*All students will start each class with 10 points.  They will keep their points by wearing their PE uniform, participating and behaving appropriately.

*A failure to wear your PE uniform will result in a 50%.  They will participate to earn 50%, but lose the other 1/2 of their points due to forgetting uniform.

*All middle school students are required to make up points for an unexcused absence, by handwriting a 1 page report about the activity they missed.  The paper is due the first day they have p.e. upon return. 

*Check power school occasionally to monitor your students progress in p.e.. Click on PE to discover what each grade is for, and what the students have been learning.

*If any student has an illness or injury that prevents them from participating in p.e., they have 2 class periods with a parent note, but then must have a doctor note. Please include what the injury/illness is, and when they can return to activity. The student will have an alternative assignment while sitting out.



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