Welcome Back!

I am so excited to start my 10th year at Magdalen!

The following is the PE schedule for each class.  Please make sure your children are wearing their tennis shoes on these days.

1A, 2A, 3A:  Monday & Wednesday

1B, 2B, 3B:  Tuesday & Thursday

KA, KB:  Wednesday & Friday

4A, 5A:  Monday & Thursday

4B, 5B:  Tuesday & Friday

*Check power school once every week or two to monitor your student's progress. After you check their grade, click on PE to see the description of each grade.  Take some time to visit with your student and discover what they have been learning during class!

*All K-5 students start each day with 10 points. They keep all points by participating and behaving properly.

*4th and 5th graders lose 1 point if they fail to wear the proper shoes to class.

*5th graders will be required to make up points for any unexcused absence. They will need to turn in a 1/2 page handwritten report about the activity they missed. This paper is due at the beginning of their first p.e. class upon return. 

* Students who are unable to participate due to illness or injury must have a parent note. If it is more than 2 class periods, they must have a doctor note.  Please include the injury or illness, and when they will be able to return to activity.  They will have alternative during class.





Terri Hessman


Mon-Fri 7:15am-3:45pm