6th and 7th graders just finished their badminton tournaments. Below are the winners from our tournaments. Congratulations!!!

6th grade winners:                                           7th grade winners:

Brady I                                                           Jackson B

Gabby S                                                          Reed A

Victoria G                                                        Emma B

JD                                                                  Drew M

Luke W                                                           Makenzie O

Haylie S                                                           Tyler L

Christian B                                                       Jacob W

Brody J                                                           Bailey S


4th-7th grade are currently roller skating. Skating is a great activity for Christmas break!

K-3 are working on dribbling and passing.  Stationary and in motion.

Way to go 1st-4th graders that completed the Turkey Challenge during the Thanksgiving break.

Thanks parents for helping your kiddos learn the importance of exercise and eating healthy!

Merry Christmas!





Terri Hessman


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