Hello Magdalen Parents,

I am Steve Puetz, the new 6-8 grade science teacher at Magdalen Catholic School this year. A little information on myself. I am married, my wife, Sarah and I have been married 14 year this October. I have three children, Jackson 9, Kylee 6, and Chloe 4. My two oldest children Jackson and Kylee attend Holy Spirit Catholic School where we are parishioners, and Chloe attends Explorer Elementary Pre-K in Goddard, where we live. 

I am very excited for the upcoming school year. It is a true blessing to be able to combine the love of faith and learning in the classroom each and everyday. I have many experiments, and fun group activities planned throughout the year. I will update here to help keep parents up to speed on what is going on in science class. 

 “Regular” class routine will begin this week. The 6th graders will start the year learning about plate tectonics and the Earth’s interior. I think students will enjoy the conduction and convection demonstrations they will participate in to better understand forces occurring within our planet.

The 7th grade class, or Life Sciences, will be learning about living things, and the ability to observe living things in order to classify each accordingly. We will begin with basic concept of non-living/living and move towards domains and kingdoms at end of chapter.

The 8th grade class is learning about Newton’s Laws of Motion to start the school year. I have several in class activities the students will participate in to demonstrate Newton’s Laws of Motion in everyday life. 

I have posted a middle school syllabus to help with any other questions. If there are any other concerns, questions, or comments please contact me at Magdalen Catholic School. Again, I am excited to be a part of the Magdalen family and feel very blessed to be part of your child’s growth in faith and academics.


God bless, 

Mr. Steve Puetz



Steven Puetz

MS Science

Mon-Fri 8:40am-2:40pm