School Reflection
Fr. Matt Davied

“Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.” Mark 10:15

With school now back in full swing, things have been different around here. Fr. Jirak, Fr. Chris and I went down to Oklahoma a week and a half ago, along with some parents and teachers, on retreat with the 8th graders. They had a great time getting in closer contact with the Lord, but also playing football, basketball, and volleyball and telling ghost stories around the campfire! After school Masses this week, I gave high fives to every kid that walked by and suffered the painful slap of numerous ambitious boys seeking to slap my hand off (I learned my lesson).

This past Friday, Fr. Jirak brought in 30 watermelons from his uncle’s fruit farm for the kids to feast on as a continued celebration of Sr. Connie’s birthday out by the concession stand. All of this is very different from the meetings and preparations for fall ministries which were the main focus before school!

Many of us have stress in life, from various things. Work, family, illness, etc. I have a little bit myself. But when I enter the school side of our building, it’s gone. Stress isn’t in the kids’ vocabulary! It is pure joy. I think this is what Christ was referring to when He spoke of “receiving the kingdom of God like a child.” A child doesn’t stress about things, because life is very simple. God loves us, I love Him, and I enjoy the life He freely gave me. Same for us. Life can be simple. And this is one role of having children in our lives: to show us the childlike joy of the Kingdom of Heaven we are called to.

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