The Value of Testimony
written by Fr. Matt Davied  

“They have conquered him by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony…” Rev 12:11

The journey of faith is difficult here on earth – fortunately, we are created as social beings, and we have a parish family to help us in this journey. We often have to have many conversions throughout our life to stay faithful to the Lord. If we were baptized Catholic, you may have had a moment later in life where you first saw Mass as something important in your life. Or you may remember the first moment you actually believed in God’s existence. Or, if you didn’t grow up Catholic, you may have had something happen that brought you to the Catholic faith.

We are inspired by the witness of the saints – which is why we are now including a “Saint of the Week” article in every weekend bulletin, written by a fellow parishioner. Another way we are inspired is by your conversion story, the story of a fellow Catholic, and the ways Christ has worked in your life. The path for conversion can take many forms: a retreat, a spouse, a book, a lightning bolt from heaven.

Personally, I was inspired early in seminary when I heard the conversion of a friend of mine from high school. He was engaged, and had a good job, and things were going well. He was a cradle Catholic, and he practiced occasionally, but not very emphatically. And then he got in a car wreck – and he should have been paralyzed from the neck down. It was miraculous that he wasn’t! Reflecting on his experience, he recognized how short life is, and that his miraculous recovery was a gift he didn’t deserve. He has not only been taking his wife and now a little toddler to Mass every weekend, but he has been attending daily Mass and spending time every day in prayer.

Your parish family would love to hear your story of conversion! If you are interested in writing for the bulletin in this way, please contact myself through my email or the parish office.

If you feel disconnected from the faith, or not sure you’ve experienced any kind of conversion but are desiring something more, you should stop by the ChristLife table after Mass!