Important Info for 2A:


• Spelling pretest every Wednesday & Final test on Friday. If a child only misses 3 (85%) on pretest, then they will not have to take the Friday test. If we have a 4-day week, days of test may change and will be noted in agenda or via email/remind notification.


• Math workbook stays in backpacks at all times. Please cover with duct tape. Homework in workbook should match the same lesson number on classwork for the day.


• Religion End-of-Level test in January and May. Questions sent home on Parent Night and are also available on my website.


• Learn the Act of Contrition, Steps to Confession, and Morning Offering prayer.


• We take Math and Reading AimsWeb testing in Fall, Winter, and Spring. Dates and more info will be sent out before each test.


• Students need 5 AR points each quarter; 20 total for the year.


• Please initial your child’s agenda nightly to show that homework has been checked by a parent. 



There will be a mandatory parent meeting for First Communion on Wednesday, February 20th from 6:30-7:30 in the Parish Hall. Fr. Jirak will speak to the group and then I will go over the logistics and answer any questions about First Communion. We will have the photographer there as well to answer your questions and look at photo packages available. Please sign in next to your child's name on the sheets on the back table of the Parish Hall. The meeting is for parents only and only one parent is required to attend. 



Welcome to 2A! 

I'm excited for a wonderful year!




First Holy Communion


April 15th, 2018


2:00 pm




There is a lot of information here! Please let us know if you have any questions.






First Communion practice will be held on Saturday, April 14th from 9:00-10:00am. This practice is for the children AND their parents. Please bring your child to the Parish Hall and then parents should go to the church and find their assigned seat. The parents will not process in with the children. Parents sit behind the communicants in an assigned order and will be standing behind their child as they receive communion. At Communion time, parents will join their child to receive the Eucharist. It is very important that a parent and child attend practice so you know when it is your turn to join your child and all goes smoothly on Sunday. Please pick up a seating chart as you enter the church. We reserve two spaces for each child’s parents. Guests and siblings will need to sit on either side of the center pews. Those seats are not reserved. If you have any special circumstances, such as step-parents, and need three or four spaces instead of two, please let me know ASAP. We will need these requests emailed to Morgan Clark no later than Monday, March 26th.  These accommodations cannot be made the day of First Communion.




First Communion Day


Children should report to the Parish Hall between 1:30-1:45 p.m. on Sunday, April 15th. Parents will then go to the church and take their seats in their assigned seat. Please make sure your child has used the restroom before bringing them to the Parish Hall. Mass begins at 2:00 and this does fulfill your Sunday obligation. If you are taking pictures afterwards, plan to be at the church until about 3:45.






Boys need to wear nice slacks with a dress shirt, tie, and dress shoes. A suit coat is not required, but may be worn as well.




Girls may wear a white dress of appropriate length and modesty. If your daughter receives a purse or rosary for a First Communion gift, please do not bring it on this day. They tend to distract them from focusing on the Mass. Gloves may not be worn either.






No photography, except by our hired photographer, will be allowed during the First Communion Mass. If you wish to purchase a photo package from Randolph Kelly Photography please have picture forms and payment returned to your child’s classroom teacher or PSR teacher by no later than Friday, March 30th. The picture form is attached to this email. Please look closely at the picture form for poses and directions. If you choose Pose 1 in any package, you will need to click on the Signup Genius link below to sign up for a picture time before Mass on Sunday April 15th. All other pictures will be taken after Mass and you will not need to sign up for a time. We will start with a PSR group picture, then 2A, 2B, and 2A/2B together. After the group pictures, lines will form for pictures with the priests down the middle aisle and pictures with the crucifix in the back of the church. For Package A & B, the 5x7’s are for ONE pose only! Please figure tax in your final amount at the bottom of the form.




Signup Genius link for Pose 1:






Teacher Contact information:


Morgan Clark         Classroom teacher


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.              316-253-3288




Steve & Erin Nowickis   PSR Coordinator


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 




Christine Weixelman     Classroom teacher         


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.      316-680-5182


  • We will have a Spelling pre-test Wednesday and final test Friday this week.
  • We have started our Money Topics for Math. By the end of this week, students should be able to correctly identify each coin and its value and be able to count a set of coins. 
  • Look for more info on First Communion and First Communion pictures coming later this week. 


·      No Spelling test this week


·      First Friday envelopes will come home Thursday. Please fill out with your child and return for Friday morning Mass.


·      We will be taking the End-of-Level Religion practice test next Monday and Tuesday. I will use these scores to determine which 2 students will represent 2A in the Religion Bee.


·      Please be practicing the First Reconciliation Format with your child nightly. First Reconciliation is Sunday, January 14th at 2:00. Please email me with any questions you have.


Thank you to all the parents who volunteered to help or donated to the Halloween party! The kids had a great time and I appreciate all your help in making it a success.


Spelling List 9 should be in binders tonight for the test this week. 


 The mandatory 2nd grade parent meeting for the reception of the sacraments is next Wednesday, November 15th at 6:30 in the Parish Hall. It is for parents only and is required that at least one parent attend.


With morning recesses being near the freezing mark, please make sure you are sending children with at least a coat and gloves, and leggings for the girls. Please keep in mind that it is usually quite windy on our playground and a Magdalen sweatshirt is not heavy enough for morning recess wind chill temperatures. 




On Friday, October 27th, we will be doing "Pumpkin and Gourd Investigations" in class. I would like for students to bring in one small pumpkin or gourd. These could be purchased at Target, Walmart, Stutzman’s, etc. I will buy a few bags of small gourds, so if you are unable to send one in, there will be extras. I will make sure that every child has one! I would prefer that pumpkins be no larger than softball/grapefruit size. Gourds may be irregular in shape; the more variety the better. As part of the investigation, they will make predictions, observations, test buoyancy, measure circumference and weight, and more. After they are finished, they will be able to decorate it. We will also do some pumpkin taste testing with pumpkin seeds, pumpkin pie, and a few other fun things. Thanks for your help with this. The kids have always enjoyed this in the past.


·       Thank you to everyone who stopped by on Parent Night! It was great visiting will you all!

·       If you haven’t joined the 2A Parent Group with the Remind App, please consider doing so this week so you can start receiving text alerts from me periodically. Text the number 81010 with the message @2aparent. Let me know if you have any questions about this.

·       Book orders are due August 30th. You should be able to search for me online at My class code is GRPZD if you need it. Please keep in mind our class gets free books every time you place an order through Scholastic under my name.

·       Please look for a Botanica field trip form this week in your child’s binder. If you are interested in driving, please send in $4 for the adult admission fee with your signed form.

·       There will be a spelling pre-test on Wednesday and Final test on Friday. List 1 will be in your child’s binder Monday. All lists can be found on my website as well.

·       Grandparents Day is Sept 7 & 8. Please send forms to the office if you wish to join us. Also, parents and grandparents are welcome to come to the classroom at around 10:35 both days for a short activity with their grandchild.


First of all, a huge THANK YOU to everyone that helped out with the brunch yesterday and helping the kids get their clothes changed afterwards! It was much appreciated!

Upcoming Info…

1.) We will begin taking the Religion End-of-Level test on Tuesday, May 9th. This is a fill-in-the-blank and multiple choice test. We have been playing games lately to review the questions. Please make sure to study all the questions before next Tuesday. These questions were sent home at the beginning of the year and are on my website as well.

2. ) Our Math End of Level test will be at 8:00 on May 10th and our Reading End of Level test is on May 11th at 11:45. Both Aims Web and End of Level tests are to track student progress throughout the year.  These are not tests that you can study for.

3.) If your child has not passed the Morning Offering prayer yet, their last chance to say it will be Monday, May 15th.

4.) We will spend a lot of the remaining year working in teams on STEM projects, such as foil boat challenges, paper airplane challenge, tower building, balloon rocket races, and a project called the 4th Little Piggies House Building Challenge. These projects are all done in class and allow them to apply what they’re learned in multiple subject areas throughout the year…and have a lot of fun in the process.

5.) Thursday May 4th we will take our Reading Aims Web test at 8:00 and on Friday May 5th we will take the Math Aims test at 8:45.

6.) This is a good time to start checking the house for any school library books and classroom books to return before summer.

7.) Please have Stewardship hours filled out and signed by a parent in the agenda on page 28 by this Friday. They need 2 hours of stewardship in 2nd grade. We will not accept hours that are filled out by children.

I know this is a very busy and hectic time right now. Trust me when I say that I know there is A LOT to keep track of in the next few weeks! I’m sending this “cheat sheet” to help you keep track of important upcoming dates for 2nd grade. Please let me know if something is unclear or if you have any questions regarding First Communion, Victory in the Valley, Tanganyika, or anything else! Please look for the Tanganyika field trip info in your child’s binder tonight.


Tues. April 25th – Victory in the Valley donations due to classrooms

Wed. April 26th – 2nd grade classes visit the Victory in the Valley house. If you are able to donate an item, please send it in to the classrooms by Tuesday, April 25th.

·         The items they are currently in need of are: $10 QT or Quikshop gas gift cards, Dillion’s gift cards, boxes of Hamburger Helper, boxed Jell-O (powder form), Carnation Instant Breakfast powder, and ChapStick.

Thurs. April 27th – Field trip forms to Tanganyika are due. If you are driving, please send in $6.50 by this date so we can include you in the check. Thank you!

Sat. April 29th – First Communion practice in the church @ 10:00. We should be done by 10:40.

Sun. April 30th- First Communion @ 2:00. Have kids in Parish Hall at 1:45.

Mon. May 1st – First Communion Brunch @ 10:15. Kids come to school dressed in First Communion attire and bring uniform to change into after 8:00 Mass. Send in brunch donations before Mass.

Fri. May 12th – Tanganyika Field Trip @ 8:45. Kids may wear shorts or jeans with MCS shirt and tennis shoes. Send lunch, drink, and booster (if necessary)

First Communion Reminders

Saturday, April 29th  – Practice:

The mandatory practice is Saturday, April 29th at 10:00am in the church. I apologize for the mistake on the first note that went home saying that the practice was from 9:00-10:00. That was incorrect. Students need to be in the Parish Hall no earlier than 9:45 and no later than 10:00. Students and at least one parent are required to come. Parents will meet in the church. As you enter the church gathering space, please pick up a paper with the seating assignments on it and then find your assigned seat using the sticky notes placed on the aisle seats. Dress is casual for practice. It should last no longer than one hour.


Sunday, April 30th - First Communion Mass:

Mass will begin at 2:00. Students need to report to the Parish Hall at 1:45 promptly. Please do not leave them unattended until 1:45. Pictures will still be taking place in the Parish Hall until 1:45. Parents will then return to their assigned seat in the church. If you have signed up for a picture time with Kelly Randolph Photography and are unsure of the time you chose, please email Miss Clark.  


Please do not let your child bring purses, white gloves, rosaries, or other gifts that may distract them during the Mass. After the Mass, children will process out and return promptly to their seat so the photographer may begin taking group pictures. We ask that you not take them for family pictures or any other reason until they are done taking the group picture with their class. Once they are finished with group pictures, then the lines for individual pictures will begin forming in the back of the church.


Monday, May 1st – Brunch

On Monday, please send your child to school dressed in their First Communion attire. After 8:00 Mass, we will return to the classroom to change into their uniforms. Please send students to school with their uniform, socks, tennis shoes for PE, hangers, and bags (if necessary).  They may also bring religious gifts to be blessed by the priests. All parents are welcome to join us at 8:00 Mass. We will need a few dads to come back to the classroom to supervise the boys in the “boys’ classroom” and assist them with hanging up their clothes. Moms are welcome to help in the “girls’ classroom” as well. We will have clothing racks hanging in the hallway to put dresses and shirts on and then the kids can take them home at the end of the day.

The brunch begins at 10:15 and will replace their normal lunch. Chris Cakes of Wichita will be flipping pancakes and providing sausage links and scrambled eggs for the kids. Please keep in mind we have only paid for the children to eat. If you would like to stop in, say hello, and take some pictures, you are more than welcome to do so. Thank you to the many people who have already signed up to help on the day of the brunch. Please look for a MESSENGER email on Wednesday with a Signup Genius for food items we are in need of for the brunch.

Father McKnight or Fr. Gabriel will bless their religious gifts at the brunch. Please send them in a bag or a box so nothing gets misplaced. We have had valuables broken in the past so please do not send glass/ceramic items that could easily break if dropped.

We are in need of a few dads who can help in the boys’ room as they change clothes after Mass and few moms to help the girls as well. We would need you to come to the classrooms after Mass around 8:30 and we should be done before 9:00. Please let me know if you can help. 

For those of you that are not familiar with this day, it truly is one of the most special school days for the kids during their 2nd grade year. Thanks for all of your help in making the weekend a success!

As always, please lets us know if you have any questions!

This week in 2A…

1.    We will be having a pizza party lunch this Friday for our Pop-a-Shot prize. If kids want to bring their own sides, like a small bag of chips or fruits and veggies, that is fine. They are providing 2 slices of cheese pizza for each kid.

2.    Wednesday we will attend All School Confessions. Please plan to review the process and practice with your child a few times Monday and Tuesday night. We will do an examination of conscience as a class on Wednesday.

3.    Wednesday is also a 50¢ Jean Day.

4.    We will have a Spelling Pre-test Wednesday and final test Friday.

5.    As part of our service learning for the year, we will be visiting Victory in the Valley on April 26th to take a tour of the house, learn about the services they provide to those battling cancer, and take them some items they are in need of. It would be greatly appreciated if each family could make a donation, but we understand if it is not possible at this time. The items they are currently in need of are: $10 QT or Quikshop gas gift cards, Dillion’s gift cards, boxes of Hamburger Helper, boxed Jell-O (powder form), Carnation Instant Breakfast powder, and ChapStick. For those of you who are not familiar with Victory in the Valley, they are a local non-profit organization that helps people who have cancer. They provide food, transportation to doctor appointments, support groups, and much more, all free of charge. For more information, please visit their website:

6.    Please return field trip forms by Tuesday. I currently have more than enough drivers for our Victory in the Valley field trip. There will be another field trip form coming home soon for a Tanganyika trip on May 12th.

7.    Please return picture money and pictures to school this week.

8.    First Communion picture forms and money are due back on April 9th. Don’t forget to let me know ASAP if you are needing more than 2 seats for parents at First Communion. We can only make accommodations for special circumstances, such as step-parents.

Have a great week,

Miss Clark

This week in 2A…

1. We will have a Math test over Topic 11 tomorrow so please review 3-digit addition and subtraction tonight. We will be skipping Topic 12 on Geometry and doing Topics 13 and 14 on Money, and then return to Topic 12. 

2. We will have a Spelling Pre-test on list 20 Wednesday with a Final test on Friday.

3. We will begin taking timed math fact quizzes weekly in order to track their progress on quick recall of the basic addition and subtraction facts. We will start with addition this Wednesday. Please look over the practice sheet when it comes home on Wednesdays and have them finish the unanswered problems. Please use flash cards or other electronic games to help your child practice if they are struggling to accurately complete the quiz in the time given. The goal is to complete 50 problems in 3 minutes.

We will have a spelling pre-test on list 16 this Wednesday and a final test on Friday.

Wednesday is Mustang Matters. It is a free jeans day.

It’s that time of year where our supplies are starting to run low. We are in need of paper towels and a few packages of white wide-rule lined notebook paper. I would also love some Ring Pops, as we are running low for our “Fuzzy Store”. If you are interested in donating to the classroom, it would be greatly appreciated. Most of the students need new sets of crayons, colored pencils, and markers as well. Please visit with your child about it, as they should be able to tell you what they need.


For those who like to plan ahead, we will be doing a Valentine’s Day box decorating contest this year. It is optional. At our Valentine’s Day party, students will vote and we will give a prize for the most creative home-made Valentine’s Day Box. This will be a home project. If your child chooses not to participate, they will still need to bring a shoebox-sized box to school to collect their Valentine’s on the day of the party. More info about Valentine’s Day will come home soon.


Next week is Catholic School’s Week. Please look for emails about special dress days and events.

Thank you to all the parents who volunteered to help or donated to the Halloween party! The kids had a great time and I appreciate all your help in making it a success.


There will be no Spelling test this week!


The November snack schedule will be in backpacks Wednesday.


 The mandatory First Reconciliation parent meeting is next Wednesday, November 9th at 6:30 in the Parish Hall. It is for parents only. It is only required that one parent attend.



This week in 2A…

1. We will be having our Spelling pretest on Tuesday and final test on Thursday this week since we don’t have school on Friday.

2. I have assigned lessons on Study Island that your child can work on at home. They have a chance to work on them throughout the week at school as well. They are not due by a certain date and are not a requirement, but Study Island is a great way to help students improve their test-taking skills and get extra practice in reading and math. I have lessons assigned in both subjects. Their usernames and passwords can be found on the inside cover of their agenda and the website is  They should start with Lesson 1 and then move onto Lesson 2 when it’s completed. Let me know if you have any questions!

3. Please make sure you sign up for a conference when the email goes out on Tuesday. They are required in the Fall.

4. The school is having a Sock Drive in the month of October to benefit the Lord’s Diner. Please consider donating at least one bag of socks if you are able. The school will receive an extra Jean’s Day if we reach our goal of 300 donations and the class with the most donations will win a pizza party with Mrs. Kansas and a free sock day!

5. Dates for the sacrament parent meetings:

Wednesday, November 9th – First Reconciliation meeting @ 6:30 in the Parish Hall

Wednesday, February 8th – First Communion meeting @ 6:30 in the Parish Hall



Miss Clark

This week in 2A...

1. The parent meetings for the formation of the sacraments have been set. These are for parents only and at least one parent needs to be in attendance.

Wednesday, November 9th – First Reconciliation meeting @ 6:30 in the Parish Hall

Wednesday, February 8th – First Communion meeting @ 6:30 in the Parish Hall


2. Stewardship envelopes will come home in binders on Thursday. Please help your child fill these out appropriately so they can participate in the First Friday Collection.


3. Wednesday is the October Jeans Day. Please send in a donation of at least 50¢ with your child if they wish to wear jeans. Also, no jean capris or boots are allowed. Friday is the Law Enforcement Blue Mass. Students may wear jeans with any blue shirt.


4. We will be on spelling list 6 this week. The pretest is on Wednesday and final test will be on Friday for those who don’t pass the pretest.


5. We will be having a Math and Religion test this week as well. These will be noted in the agenda and children should bring their Religion book home to look over the chapter the night before the test. Please make sure to put the books back in their backpack as they will be allowed to use them during the test.


6. Students should be writing in their agenda every morning, even if there is no homework. I ask that parents sign the agenda nightly, noting that homework has been completed and the agenda/binder has been checked. I check their agendas periodically, but not daily. Please remind your child to write in their agenda if you notice they are not doing it daily. PLEASE make sure the Math page noted in their agenda matches the page that they are completing in their math workbook. This has been a problem lately.


7.  Uniform shorts may no longer be worn.

Wednesday is Fall Portrait Day. Please follow the guidelines found in the agenda. We have P.E. class on Wednesday, so please send tennis shoes with your child!

We will still have our Spelling pre-test on Wednesday this week and final test Friday.

Our field trip to Botanica is this Friday, Sept 23rd. If you are driving, please be outside the classroom by 8:40 so that we can leave by 8:50. Our program starts at 9:30 and they need us there by at least 9:25. Students may wear MCS Jeans Day attire. I would like for a students to wear tennis shoes as well. It looks to be a warm day, so if the boys wish to wear shorts, it needs to be MCS uniform shorts. Please send in a booster seat that morning if your child needs one. An email reminder will come home later in the week.

We had our first Fuzzy Store on Friday and the kids had a great time “shopping” with the fuzzies they have earned. Your child may be coming home with coupons. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Whenever your child gets a “No Homework Pass” from the AR store or from me, I always allow them to use that towards one night of no homework. So they can use that on both Math and Phonics homework.

We will be focusing on subtraction this week as we start Topic 3 in Math. It would be helpful if students practiced their subtraction facts a few nights a week at home. This can be done with flash cards or iPad/computer games. Quick recall of basic addition and subtraction facts will help them greatly as we eventually move into more challenging skills.

It was wonderful meeting so many of the students' grandparents last week! What a great turnout!

  • Please remind your child that it is important to do their neatest work on their homework as well as work completed at school. While grading homework, I am seeing room for improvement in handwriting and overall neatness. Please make sure your child is using pencil only as well. If they are not forming letters and numbers correctly, please have them fix it by showing them the correct way. Thank you for your help with this!
  • Spelling Pre-test Wednesday; Final Test Friday - List 3
  • Students will be reading Diary of Spider in Language Arts and doing "Spider-themed" activities throughout the next 2 weeks. We love Spider Week!
  • Thank you to all the parents who have made contributions to our classroom by sending in “Wish List” items or other donations. Your generosity and thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.


Morgan Clark

2nd Grade

Mon-Thu 7:00am-3:30pm
Fri 7:00am-3:30pm