It's hard to believe, but we are entering our 5th full week of school! Here are some events coming up this week:


Religion: There will be a Ch. 2 test this Thursday, Sept. 19. Please check your child's agenda and folders daily for more information about the test. The chapter 2 review in the book will be homework Tuesday night for a review in-class on Wednesday; feel free to have your child start the book review ahead of time if desired! 


Spelling: The list 4 test will be this Friday, Sept. 20. List 4 should be in your child's agenda.


Picture Day!!! Picture Day is this Friday, September 20! Please check the Mustang Weekly for information about the dress code.


Looking Ahead: The Topic 2 Math test will be at the end of next week; please check your child's agenda for more updates!

Math Facts test 1: The addition 0-12 facts test will be next week! I am looking at Tuesday, September 24 for the test date. Please continue to practice facts with your child! We will do some practice tests in-class as well. 





Wow! It is already September! It has been a fun couple of weeks so far as we are all getting to know each other! Here are some things to be aware of in the first couple weeks of September:


Spelling: There will be a spelling test over list 3 this Friday, Sept. 13. The spelling list was stapled into your child's agenda last Friday. Feel free to leave it there or remove it for studying purposes. Your child can also find the spelling list inside his/her Journeys reading textbook. Attached are the spelling lists for the first couple of weeks.


Cold-Read: We will do our second cold-read test in groups this Friday, Sept. 13. We will practice the cold read test process as a class for a couple weeks, and then the students will perform this on their own. This is a text on comprehension and using text-based evidence for answers. You can practice these skills with your child as a way to study. 


Social Studies: We will have our first Social Studies test this Monday, Sept. 9. Please use the student magazine to study, as well as the study guide. Read over the magazine and study vocab words in particular. Please also use the campground map wks, penguin grid wks, and the absolute v. relative location wks to study.Your child should know how to read a map legend and compass and use letters and numbers in a grid.


English: We will have the Ch. 1 English test Thursday, Sept. 12. It will be open-book, but please review the grammar worksheets (1.1-1.11) with your child as the test format will be similar to the format of the worksheets. We will cover lessons 1.10-1.11 this week and review on Wednesday before the test Thursday. More information regarding the test will be sent home this week.


Religion: We are starting Ch.2 in Religion today, and I am looking at our Ch.2 test tentatively next Tuesday, Sept.17. More information will come on that throughout this week.


Thank-you so much for all of your support! Please contact me with any questions! I'm looking forward to a great start to September!


- Ms. Davied

Welcome to 3A!

I am so excited to get to know each of you this year! Our class quote for 2019-2020 is from Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI: "You were not made for comfort, you were made for greatness." What a blessing to begin this journey together as we strive to truly seek God in all that we do! 

Third grade is an action-packed year as we make the transition from 2nd graders in August to 4th graders in May! Stay tuned for updates on what we will be covering in each subject. 


Please contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns!


God bless,

Monica Davied


Monica Davied

3rd Grade

Mon-Fri 7:20am-3:50pm