Welcome back! I hope you all had a blessed Christmas! These are the things we will be covering in math for the month of January.

4th hour 6th grade will begin the month finishing Module 4. We will take the mid-module test quickly and then finish the rest by the end of the month.

5th hour 6th grade will test over Module 3 and begin Module 4.

1st hour 7th grade will continue working on Module 3, the study of expressions and equations.

2nd hour 7th grade will be learning about probability in module 5. We will complete this module and test at the end of the month.

3rd hour 8th graders will begin the month with chapter 9 learning about polynomial computation. We will then move into chapter 10 and factoring.

6th hour 8th graders will be finishing module 5 and the study of functions. Module 6 will continue the study of linear functions and begin the instruction on scatter plots and bivariate data. This will be their introduction into the math portion of culminating.

Culminating Update: As students begin their research, they should also be thinking about survey questions for the math portion of their project.

6th grade is finishing Module 2's review of computation and will be testing soon. We will then go back to module 1 and the study of ratios and ratio relationships. Please encourage your students to show you their module books including classwork and homework. The new curriculum is challenging all students to think beyond just a solution with explanations of processes. October will have us finishing the module learning about rates, unit rates, and percents.

7th grade 1st hour students have been learning about integer computation. They will take a test by the end of September. October will bring the study of proportional and rate relationships. We will also be covering discounts, tax calculations and markup. Students should not be using calculators on their homework and should be showing all work to solve complex problems.

7th grade 2nd hour students have been working on complex expressions and equations. We will have a test by the end of the month. In October, we will review percent problems and learn about proportional relationships.

8th grade algebra students have reviewed expressions, equations and functions within basic algebra concepts. We have since moved on to reviewing properties and computation involving real numbers. October will be on to solving equations.

8th grade 6th hour students have been learning about exponent rules and scientific notation. They will test next week. We will finish the month learning about the Pythagorean Theorem. October will lead us into our module on expressions and equations.


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