Here is what we'll be working on during the month of March in 3A!

Religion - We are talking about Lent, prayer, and fasting this month.  We will have a special booklet to make during Holy Week to help us prayerfully prepare for the celebration of Easter!

Reading - We will begin reading the novel Little House in the Big Woods.  Each week we will read two chapters together in class.  The students will complete a reading reflection worksheet with vocabulary words and comprehension questions for the chapters we have read.  This will be a weekly homework grade.  Then on Thursday of each week, there will be a quiz over the vocabulary and questions.  This novel will take us almost to the end of the school year!  We will also continue to review all of the 3rd grade reading standards in order to be well prepared for state assessments, which will begin in April.

Writing - Students will write and illustrate their own short stories this month based on the book Fortunately, which we will read aloud together.

English - We will focus on punctuation and capitalization in English this month.

Math - In math we will begin learning about area and perimeter.  We will continue to review all common core standards for math to prepare for state assessments.  Please remember to practice all multiplication facts with your student at home at least three times each week!

I hope you all enjoy a very relaxing and fun Spring Break this month!

February is a busy month! 

Please remember that we will have noon dismissal on the 14th.  Parent Teacher Conferences will be that afternoon. Please sign up , these are required for 3rd- 8th grade. 

There will be no school on the 15th and 18th of February. 


Language Arts we are continuing to work on poetry and plays along with reviewing our common core strategies. 

State Assessments are coming up in April. 

In grammar we are working on adverbs, reviewing parts of speech and prefixes and suffixes. 


Math we are continuing to work on fractions and reviewing multiplication. 

Please continue to study your multiplication facts as much as possible. 

January News

Happy 2019! Here is what we'll be working on to start the new year in 3A.

Religion - In Religion, we will continue to review the diocesan religion questions for 3rd grade.  We will also discuss what it means to belong to a parish.  At the end of the month we will begin our Family Life Unit.

Reading - We will learn about point of view, drawing conclusions, cause & effect, and prefixes & suffixes.

Writing - Writing projects in January will include a narrative story about a snowman, comparing and contrasting two characters, and coming up with creative similes.

English - We will begin the adjective chapter and work with prefixes and suffixes as well.

Spelling - Spelling tests this month will be January 11th, 18th, and 25th.

Math - We will begin the new semester with a chapter over time, and then we will move into fractions. Please remember to be working on multiplication facts at home with your child! The next fact test is January 7th (sets 4 & 7).


December News

It is hard to believe that the 1st semester is almost over already!  We will be very busy this month in 3A!  We will be finishing our English chapter over Verbs, learning about author's purpose in Reading, continuing to dive into multiplication and division in Math, and focusing on the liturgy and the Advent season in Religion.  Spelling tests this month will be December 7th, and 14th.  We are having fun reading The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, and we're so excited to see the play on December 14th!  

I hope you and your family enjoy a Blessed and joyful Christmas!

3A November News

November in 3A

Here is what we will be working on this month!

Religion - This month the 3rd graders will be completing a Saint Report.  The report will be done using a brown paper bag.  Look for directions to come home with your student on Monday, November 5th.

Reading - We will be focusing on the topics of cause & effect and prefixes/suffixes.

Writing - We'll work on rotating through writing centers to work on note taking, narrative writing, researching, and sequencing.

English - The pronoun test will be on Thursday, November 8th.  Our next part of speech will be verbs.

Spelling - Spelling tests this month will be November 9th, 16th, and November 30th.

Math - We will continue to dive into multiplication!  Please remember our multiplication home study program begins this month!  Make sure your student is practicing their facts three times each week and sign the slip that is stapled in the agenda.  The facts test over sets 0, 1, and 10 will be Monday, November 12th.

October in 3A

October is always a fun month!  We'll be busy doing activities and projects centered around Halloween, and we'll be looking forward to all of the excitement of the Great Pumpkin!

Religion - We will learn about the early church this month.  The Hail Holy Queen test is on Monday, October 22nd.  Students will bring home a study guide on Monday the 8th.

Reading - We will learn about text features, literal and non-literal meanings, and cause/effect relationships in reading this month.

Writing - Writing projects this month will include persuasive writing and spooky story writing!

English - The noun test will be Tuesday, October 9th. We will begin learning about pronouns at the end of the month.

Math - We will begin working on multiplication and arrays this month.  Please remember to practice subtraction facts at home.  The subtraction facts test will be Monday, October 22nd.

I am so excited to welcome your students back to school for the 2018-2019 school year. We have a very exciting year ahead of us!   I am looking forward to getting to know all of my students. 

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