As the year changes, here I am to keep you up to date in science class! I am glad to have been back from maternity leave since November, and to be picking up some exciting science topics in January. Here's what I've got planned starting in semester 2:


6th Grade Earth and Space Science

After wrapping a Trip Through Geological Time, we have begun a month-long project on documenting the current moon phases, and will also be studying how the earth, moon, and sun interact.

7th Grade Life Science

We recently finished our unit on Evolution and will be digging into the structure and functions of animal and plant cells and genetics.

8th Grade Physical Science

We have briefly begun review of properties of matter and will continue to study the Periodic Table of Elements, chemical reactions, and chemical equations. This semester we will also be reviewing for the state assessment which is only in 8th grade for science, and covers all middle school topics.

Hello families! I am happy to teach my second year of middle school science! I am keeping the kids busy with getting the year started before I take my maternity leave this fall (we are expecting our second boy), so I will certainly appreciate prayers from my students during this time. Let me know if you have any questions about science class this year--I am so excited to get started!

Here are a few of the topics and activities I am planning for the kids coming soon...


6th Grade Earth and Space Science:


Earth's core, erosion, earthquakes, designing earthquake-safe buildings, volcanoes, Earth's geological history & extinct animals, fossils, sun/Earth interactions, moon patterns




7th Grade Life Science:

Classifying living things, animal communities, animal research/art project, ecosystems, biodiversity, backyard observations, evolution




8th Grade Physical Science:


Motion, forces, speed & momentum labs, forms of energy, energy from food & nutrition, thermal energy & heat, properties of matter



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MS Science

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