The school year is off to a great start!


Nursery Rhyme time will be Friday, September 28th at 2:30. Make sure that they are practicing their nursery rhyme at home.


The students were very excited to see all the things that they can "buy" at the AR store. Please encourage them to read AR books and take the tests. They are required to have 5 points each quarter. For most of them that means they need to take at least 10 tests. Your child should take at least one test a week. It can be very stressful on them if they wait until the last few weeks of the quarter to try and get all their points.

Math racer is going well so far!  Remember to use the practice sheet that we sent home. They have 2 minutes to complete the page.



1st grade wish list:

coloring books

white card stock 

colored card stock 

wrapped candy

treasure chest items

color coded sticker dots


holiday stickers

fun big stickers


Thank you for all the things that you have brought in from our wish list already!


Happy New Year!


Thank you all so much for your kindness and generosity!



This month 1st grade will continue to work on addition and subtraction to 20.  Continue to practice your math addition and subtraction facts.  The 1st graders are doing awesome on their timed tests!

We will also continue counting to 120 and finding patterns with numbers.


In Religion we will begin the year talking about the Epiphany and the season of Christmas.  Then we will finish up unit 3 by talking about Forgiveness and Prayer. Please continue to work on prayers and finding songs in the missalettes.


In Social Studies and Science we will begin the year by doing an Animal report.  Students will research the animal they chose at home and in class we will go through the process of writing.  They will also share their final report and the animal and habitat they created.

We will also discuss Martin Luther King Jr. and his I had a dream speech.  We will talk about what it means to be "free" and what their dream for the world is.


In Reading, we will read about the different groups of animals.  We will compare informational text with fictional text.  We will also do an in-class play about animals. The students will continue to learn new and exciting things in phonics.  Phonics is very important in helping your children read. Please go over their daily phonics sheets and have them tell you about what they are learning.

Everyone is doing great with AR tests and word lists.  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!


Thank you for all you do for your child and their class!

Have a wonderful 2018


We will begin talking about Jesus is God's Son.  We will also begin discussing The Eucharist.

Please work with your child so they can say the Our Father and Hail Mary independently without prompting.


Reading and Phonics


In Phonics we are working on contractions, blends, digraphs, silent e, and suffixes ed and ing.  When  you are reading with your child work with them on these things and have them tell you about them.

Please continue to work on site word lists and A.R.!



We will continue working on addition and subtraction to 20.  In 1st grade your child needs to be fluent with addition and subtraction facts to 10.  So continue to work on flash cards and practice timed tests.


Social Science and Science-

We will discuss Thanksgiving!  We will talk about the Pilgrims and Native Americans. We will compare and contract the needs of the Pilgrims to our lives.

We will list all the things we have to be thankful for.


Many parents have inquired about a classroom "Wish List". We are blessed to have everything we need, but if you are looking to donate some "extras", the following items would be nice have: 


Treasure Chest Items




Wow!  This year has really flown by!


Calendar items to remember:

  • May 18 1B and 1A will be going to the Lord's Diner and the Cathedral. Your child must bring a booster seat.  It is state law.
  • May 19 No School
  • May 24 Field Day
  • May 25  LAST DAY OF SCHOOL Early dismissal


In Religion we will be talking about Pentecost and the first Christians.  We will discuss how to be good followers of Jesus Christ.  We will also be taking the Religion End of the Year test.


In Reading/Phonics we will be reviewing all the Phonics we have learned throughout the year.  We will be reading a chapter book, "Owl At Home", in Tier.


In Math we will be finishing up our Topic on time and starting the topic on Geometry.


In Social Studies/Science we will be talking about being healthy and what foods are healthy and not healthy for our bodies.  We will also be discussing ways to keep our bodies healthy.  The students will be setting "healthy goals"  that they are going to try to keep throughout the summer.

Thank you for all you do for our class!


Jill Bouwens

1st Grade

Mon-Fri 7:00am-3:30pm