Happy Friday!

We made it to Spring Break! A couple of notes & dates to keep in mind: 
  • AR Points due March 20th: I apologize as I had the slips ready to go and sitting on my desk, but I forgot to hand them out to the students today. If your child does NOT yet have their 7 AR Points for the 3rd quarter, I will email you shortly with how many points they currently have. Therefore, if you do not receive an e-mail from me, then that means your child already has all 7 AR Points for the 3rd quarter. 
  • Missing / Late Work due March 20th: Wednesday, March 20th is also the last day to turn in all missing and late assignments for the 3rd quarter. This includes Readworks and Study Island missing assignments.
  • Book Orders: One last reminder if you'd like to order any books from this quarter's Scholastic Book Orders! I'll be putting in the order either today or sometime this weekend. 
  • Study Island and ReadWorks: Just a reminder that we have these 2 online assignments weekly. I have pushed back the due date, so the one for this week is not due until the Monday following spring break, Monday, March 18th. These are worth grades. 
  • Mrs. Martens & Maternity Leave: Mrs. Martens is now officially on maternity leave. Please keep the Martens family in your prayers!
Below is the weekly update. I hope you have a wonderful spring break! 
In Christ,
Jess Smith



Here is the layout for the Psalms and below are the pictures of the brainstorming we completed in class. 



(1) How we refer to God, what we call Him, and how we address Him

·       3 -4 lines


(2) What God has done for you

·       4 lines


(3) How that makes you feel

·       4 lines


(4) What we/ I can do in return for God

·       4 lines

Can you believe that it's already March?!  We have had a tremendous 3rd quarter so far! With the end of the quarter quickly approaching, I wanted to send a few very important notes: 
  • AR Points due March 20th: Students are required to have 7 AR Points each quarter. Early on this coming week, I will be sending home the little papers with how many points the students currently have. 
  • Act of Faith Test: March 27th
  • ReadWorks & Study Island Assignments: In case I forgot to mention this to you at conferences, the students now have 1 ReadWorks and 1 Study Island Assignment each week. They will always be assigned on a Monday and due the following Monday. These are online assignments that students can either complete at home or in school (if time allows), and they are for a grade. Please help students with these assignments; they are very similar to the state test and your guidance can really help them be successful.  (Take note that they have an assignment that starts this Monday, March 4th and is not due until Tuesday, March 19th because of spring break). Also, if, for whatever reason, completing these assignments on a computer at home is not possible for your child, please feel free to reach out to me. I am more than happy to work together to find a solution! 
  • Prodigy Math: The Prodigy assignment was a trial run this week because I know most of the kids love getting on there. However, I had some great feedback, and it was simply not working well for a weekly assignment. So I apologize for the confusion and inconvenience. I only see the teacher side of it, and don't get to see what it looks like when the students log in. Due to the trouble with this, the students do NOT have to complete the Prodigy assignment that was originally due Monday, and I will no longer assign Prodigy for their weekly assignments. Thanks for your patience and understanding! 
  • April 26th: Final Practice DRA Test: The students' final test to prepare for the official DRA will be on Friday, April 26th, since the official DRA is usually sometime during the first week of May. We will be taking the pretest for the last page or two sometime this week, and then I will send out an email with a study guide as well as a key. Thanks in advance for helping your child prepare and study. I know it's a very busy time of the year. 
I know that is a LOT of information between those notes and the Weekly Update. So please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Have a fantastic weekend!
In Christ,
Jess Smith


Poetry Vocabulary: Week 2

Alliteration: Phrase where all or most words begin with the same sound

Hyperbole: An expression that uses exaggeration

Personification: the act of giving human traits to animals or things 

Idiom: Word combinations that have a different meaning than the literal meaning of the words

Visualize: to see or imagine something in your head

Acrostic: a poem in which first letters form a word

Haiku: A type of poem made up of 17 syllables divided into 3 lines

Proverbs: popular sayings or expressions

Synonym: a word with a similar meaning as another word

Antonym: word that means the opposite of another word




Sunday, January 20th: http://usccb.org/bible/readings/012019.cfm

Sunday, January, 27th: http://usccb.org/bible/readings/012719.cfm




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