Life changing.  These are the words most commonly used from participants about ChristLife.  Why?  It's where we encounter the living Christ in a new way!

These classes meet weekly for seven-weeks starting August 26.  They are designed to help draw you into a personal relationship with the Person of Jesus. ChristLife is for everyone...Christian or non-Christian; parishioner or non-parishioner; someone who has a personal relationship with Jesus, someone that needs that relationship re-kindled, or for the person that never has had a personal relationship with Jesus (and may not even think it is possible). 

Each evening we share a meal, listen to an interesting teaching, and have a chance to share our thoughts in a small group discussion.

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Below are the dates and times of the sessions. 

Aug 26, 6:20-8:30pm, Parish Hall
Sept 9, 6:20-8:30pm, Parish Hall
Sept16, 6:20-8:30pm, Parish Hall
Sept 23, 6:20-8:30pm, Parish Hall
Sept 30, 6:20-8:30pm, Parish Hall
Oct 6,  9:00am-3:00pm, Discover Christ Retreat, Blessed Sacrament
Oct 14, 6:20-8:30pm, Parish Hall
Oct 21, 6:20-8:30pm, Parish Hall