Dear Parishioners,

At Church of the Magdalen, we are blessed to have such a beautiful church that displays our Catholic character.

At the entryway there is the baptismal font, which reminds us of our personal baptism into the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. We have been claimed by Him, and we have come to know His voice.

There is the sanctuary, which includes the altar representing “Christ anointed” and the table from which He feeds us with his Body and Blood; the tabernacle with a vigil lamp always alight to remind us of the special presence of Christ in the Eucharist; the ambo from which Christ speaks to us in the proclamation of the Sacred Scriptures; and the celebrant’s chair, which represents the teaching authority of the priest who acts in the person of Christ Himself.

But above all of this, hanging on the massive wall behind the sanctuary, is the enormous crucifix. It attracts our gaze, reminding us always how much God makes a sacrifice for us. And in response to the depth of His love for us, we are called to follow him in making sacrifice for others. There’s no mistaking our Catholic belief in the presence of Christ crucified in these special ways.

The fact that we are a Catholic parish is not merely manifested in the beauty of our church; it is part of the very fabric of our lives together as generous stewards. As we begin the implementation of our new pastoral plan this year, I invite you to consider the ways in which you make room for God in your life through your personal ongoing formation for evangelization; by your active charitable works; and by tending to your need for
personal prayer and active participation at Mass. These are some of the ways we live out active stewardship.

Be not afraid to give yourself to Christ by being a generous steward. You will not regret it.

With deep gratitude for you and your gifts,
I am sincerely yours in Christ,

Rev. W. Shawn Mc Knight, S.T.D.