May the Lord give you peace!

The 2019 stewardship theme, Fully Alive as Missionary Disciples, is unique to our stewardship narrative. The theme focuses on what precedes stewardship, namely, that one first be a disciple. We know this from the definition of stewardship which is the response of a Christian disciple...

Discipleship is concerned first and foremost with one’s personal relationship with God. I like to think of discipleship on the vertical axis and stewardship on the horizontal axis. The vertical axis must comes first.

As you spend a few minutes reviewing this 2019 stewardship directory, I invite you to discern the various ministry opportunities through the lens of beginning or growing in your relationship with Jesus as His disciple. Accordingly, I especially recommend dedicating yourself this year to the stewardship pillars of prayer and formation, which are at the heart of discipleship. Prayer and formation start and sustain the inner fire of the Holy Spirit while service and hospitality spread there to others as a missionary disciple.

Of course, I must mention the importance of committing yourself to regular prayer, especially a weekly Holy Hour. You will find this ministry in the directory under the pillar of prayer. It is the most important of all our ministries. The only thing that I can tell you about committing to a weekly Holy Hour is that there is never a “right time” and, at the end of your life it won’t be the thing you regret.

Ad majorem Dei gloriam,

Fr. John F. Jirak, Pastor