September 2019

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Church of the Magdalen Parish School of Religion (PSR)! Our PSR program provides Catholic religious education in a classroom setting during the school year on Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm to 7:30pm for public school students in grades K-12.

Our first PSR Session and Parent Meeting will be on Wednesday, September 11th from 6:30pm to 7:30pm in the Parish Hall. Parents and Catechists will receive a special priestly blessing. After introducing our Catechists, your children will go to their classrooms and the parent meeting will begin to review the program and provide an opportunity to ask questions.

Please register online at by clicking on the banner on the main page or by selecting the Faith Formation Menu and then PSR.

The PSR calendar for 2019-20 is on the back of this letter and is published at The PSR Family Handbook can also be downloaded there as a PDF.

Teaching the Catholic Faith to our children comes from many sources within parish life, including Sunday Mass, individual and family prayer, and living a Catholic way of life in the home. As parents, we are the primary teachers of the Faith to our children and our PSR catechists are blessed and excited to support your efforts.

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, September 11th at 6:30pm. Please contact us with any questions and pray for our Catechists as they prepare for this year!

May God bless your families and may grace and peace be yours in abundance!

Laura Hocker
Parish School of Religion Coordinator
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 Parent Handbook



Sep-11-2019 First PSR Session, Commissioning & Parent Meeting

Sep-18-2019 PSR Sessions

Sep-25-2019 PSR Sessions 

Oct-2-2019 PSR Sessions

Oct-9-2019 Safe Environment Lesson

Oct-16-2019 PSR Sessions

Oct-23-2019 PSR Sessions

Oct-30-2019 PSR Sessions

Nov-3-2019 Confirmation at 3 pm

Nov-6-2019 PSR Sessions

Nov-13-2019 PSR Sessions

Nov-20-2019 PSR Sessions

Nov-27-2019 Thanksgiving Break: NO PSR

Dec-4-2019 PSR Sessions

Dec-11-2019 PSR Sessions

Dec-18-2019 PSR Sessions

Dec-25-2019 Christmas Break: No PSR

Jan-1-2020 Christmas Break: No PSR

Jan-5-2020 Catechist Christmas Party

Jan-8-2020 PSR Sessions

Sun Jan-12-2020 First Reconciliation at 2 pm

Jan-15-2020 PSR Sessions

Jan-22-2020 PSR Sessions 

Jan-29-2020 PSR Sessions

Feb-5-2020 PSR Sessions

Feb-12-2020 PSR Sessions

Feb-19-2020 PSR Sessions

Feb-26-2020 PSR Sessions: Ash Wednesday class starts 6:45pm

Mar-4-2020 PSR Sessions

Mar-11-2020 PSR Sessions

Mar-18-2020 Spring Break: No PSR

Mar-25-2020 PSR Sessions

Apr-1-2020 PSR Sessions

Apr-8-2020 PSR Sessions

Apr-15-2020 PSR Sessions: Fr. Kapaun night 5th-high school

Apr-22-2020 PSR Sessions; First Communion Tasting

Apr-26-2020 First Communion 2:00 p.m.

Apr-29-2020 PSR Sessions

May-6-2020 Last PSR Sessions & First Holy Communion Reception

Contact Information

Name Laura Hocker
Phone (316) 841-4441