“The sacrament of Confirmation strengthens the baptized and obliges them more firmly to be witnesses of Christ by word and deed and to spread and defend the faith.”                                                                                            -CIC 879



Preparation for Confirmation is meant to engage young Catholics in a dialogue about who they are, who God has called them to be, and what a relationship with Christ can look like.  The foundation of a Catholic Christian is prayer.  Prayer is a dialogue and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.  His grace in our lives will lead us to an openness as disciples who will use the fullness of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in daily life.

The Church of the Magdalen High School Confirmation Program teaches and inspires candidates to respond and cooperate with God’s grace in their daily lives through the guidance of the spiritual advisory couples assigned to them. 

Students are expected to be at each of the five classes with their spiritual advisory couple.  Exact meeting dates to be determined with their couple.  Classes will begin no later than the week of September 15th.  


Obtain a copy of your Baptismal Certificate
· Contact the Church in which the candidate was baptized. They can mail it to you or send it to the Church (attn: Fr. Chris Martin).

Sponsor for Candidate
· The candidate will request the help of a sponsor who will assist the candidate in leading a Christian life in harmony with the sacrament of Confirmation.
· Sponsors must be:
      a Catholic in good standing 
      at least sixteen years of age
      been baptized
      been confirmed
      made their first confession
      receiving the Eucharist regularly
      not be bound by canonical penalty
      cannot be mother, father, adoptive or foster parent
· The sponsor form provided on the first day of class is to be completed by the pastor or parochial vicar from the sponsor’s home parish. This letter states that the sponsor is in good standing with the Church.

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Choose a Confirmation Saint
· The saints intercede for us to God and help us along the way. In light of this truth, it has been a long-standing and venerable custom to choose the name of a saint whom the candidate relates to and admires. This saint will make special intercession on behalf of the candidate.

Write a Letter to the Pastor
· The candidate must be the one to request this Sacrament. Therefore, each candidate will write a letter to the pastor, Fr. Jirak, and explain why he or she wishes to receive the sacrament and why they believe themselves prepared for it.

Example of Letter



Attend  Retreat
· Prayer is a major part of preparation; therefore the candidates will have a day of retreat prior to confirmation. The retreat will offer the opportunity to pray for themselves and their fellow brothers and sisters as they prepare in earnest for the Sacrament.
   If you are not able to attend this retreat then please let us know as soon as possible. We will need to make arrangements for you to attend another retreat.

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Contact Information:
Fr. Chris Martin
Parochial Vicar
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(316) 634-2315