Is it spring yet? It's starting to feel like it! March is met with a wrapping up of sentence content and reviewing information from the fall before state assessments in early April. Eighth grade is also getting closer and closer to the big culminating writing day, Friday the 22nd--right after a refreshing spring break! 

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable holiday break. 

As we roll into the second semester, each grade will be moving into more complex sentence types and structures, starting with differentiating between complex sentences and their different parts. 

Eighth grade kicked culminating into high gear on the 7th with their trip to the library. Now, students will begin working at home for 1.5 hours a week to complete their research and begin writing their culminating paper!

As we near the end of the first semester, each grade is reaching the end of our parts-of-speech basics, and all will begin more in-depth sentences structures as we return from break.

6th and 7th grade will each be ending their adjective/adverb units a few weeks before Christmas break, and will spend the remaining time being introduced to MLA style writing format and proper MLA citations within research writing. We will come back to these skills throughout the second semester as well.

8th grade will be finishing prepositions and all of smaller parts of speech--right before we kick culminating into high-gear next semester.


Have a happy, blessed holiday season!!


It's great to be back at Magdalen after eight short weeks at home with the new little Leivian! While I'll miss that little boy like crazy, I'm excited to be in the classroom again. All three grades started the year off reviewing sentence parts and types before moving onto the noun unit. By the end of October 6th-8th grade will be finished with their verb units and coming close to wrapping up the pronoun unit as well! 


The countdown has officially begun! Though the end of the year is coming quickly, students are still working hard in language arts. All three grades will be completing a writing project over the next few weeks, with 8th grade making a creative short story, and 6th and 7th grade writing information research essays. 

Culminating for 8th grade is also coming to a close, but that means many major tasks and due dates are near! Students will be turning in the art project on the 9th and working diligently to prepare for their final presentation on the 18th. Keep working hard, 8th graders!

The end of the year is oh so close! By this point, all three grades have officially finished the units within the textbooks, and all will be gradually transitioning into their final writing projects after state assessments. 8th grade will begin with paragraph structure and the steps of the writing process before beginning a major creating writing project! 6th and 7th grade will both begin the month writing smaller descriptive writing projects, before both grades begin working on the final informative paper projects.

March seemed to arrive out of nowhere this year, and we're all sensing the end of the year coming closer and closer! 

Almost all grades are wrapping up the final grammar specific units, with 6th and 7th grade moving into elements of paragraph building before spring break. 8th grade will just finish up the grammar units by then as well! After spring break, all three grades will begin the first of two bigger writing projects, which we will spend many weeks going over and working on  in-class. 

Culminating is also moving along very quickly. While January and February seemed like a lot of work, with the note cards, bib cards, and interviews completed, March will be spent writing their actual culminating papers--in fact, the rough draft is due by the end of the month. Keep working hard, 8th graders!

All classes are nearing the end of part-of-speech and punctuation specific grammar units during February. Soon we will begin working on sentence structure and forming meaningful paragraphs before working our way up to writing full informative and narrative papers. 

February is a busy month  for 8th graders in regards to culminating. By the end of the month, students will need to have completed their 10 bibliography cards, their 25 note cards, and their personal interviews. Keep working hard!

Hello 2018! 

This new year brings about even more grammar fun! Each grade is moving onto different content specific to grade level standards. 

8th grade--while also starting their Culminating projects--will start the next unit on Verbals. This is an important 8th grade language standard.

7th grade will begin working briefly on subject/verb agreement before moving onto their big unit of modifier mistakes and correction. 

6th grade is starting with subject/verb agreement, and then will study creative sentence combining and punctuation rules.

The end of 2017 may be near, but we are working diligently in middle school Language Arts! 

Both 7th and 8th grade will end the semester with the clauses unit, determining subordinate, adjective, adverb, and noun clauses.

6th grade will be wrapping up the individual parts of speech by looking at prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections. 

Students have been working hard these last few weeks doing a lot of grammar review from previous years. Right around now is the time that we start being introduced to a few new concepts. All three grades will be finished up the verb unit by the 2nd week of the month, and all will begin their unit on pronouns. For 7th and 8th grade, this is a quick unit and then we move onto adjectives and adverbs. For 6th grade, pronouns are a big standard for the grammar portion of state assessments; so we'll be sure to spend a good amount of time on this unit, and we will hopefully move onto our next unit around Halloween. 

Welcome back students! I am so excited to be starting a new school year and seeing the kids every day. Summer break is nice, but I much prefer waking up early and giving meaning to each day through teaching!

At the start of September, every grade will have finished the first unit of sentence parts, and 6th-8th grade will all begin the noun unit. We will have AIMS and MAP testing periodically throughout this month as well. 

8th grade will begin prepping for their Oklahoma City trip, and these prep sessions with take place during the Language Arts block of time on Fridays. 

The light at the end of the tunnel is in sight! I have had such an amazing first year with the students here at Magdalen, and its bittersweet to know that the end of the year is coming so soon.

We are still working very hard in Grammar! We start April with state assessments in all three grade levels, and then we'll be moving into writing effective sentences by adding prepositions and clauses into our writing.



Mrs. Leivian

We've been hard at work these last few weeks in every grade! All three grades are wrapping up their major writing projects before conferences. Every group will be transitioning back to grammar and mechanics practice to help prepare for upcoming assessments.

6th grade: For grammar, we will be looking back in detail on pronouns. We'll be taking a few steps further, looking into more specific usage. For writing, we will be focusing on sentence punctuation involving commas, parenthesis, and dashes whenever we need to indicate breaks in thoughts.

7th grade: We will be coming back to varied types of sentences, hyper focusing on clauses within sentences and the proper punctuation to be using with them.

8th grade: Verbals will be making a comeback! We will be looking at participles, infinitive, and gerunds,  as well as delving into the mood and voice of writing.

Welcome back students!

With the new year comes new goals for Language Arts. We are transitioning from grammar mechanics to writing skills. Both 6th and 7th grade are working on the writing steps, beginning with prewriting. Brainstorming topics, writing thesis statements, and creating supporting points. Within a few weeks, we will be writing informational essays.

With Culminating picking up for 8th  grade, we are taking a more relaxed approach to writing in the classroom with a creative writing project. We are starting with practicing descriptive writing before we branch off to writing short stories!

The end of the semester is nearing and we are working hard in Grammar! Every class has moved onto a new unit on diagramming sentences.

6th grade is being introduced to diagramming for the first time, helping to solidify parts of speech and sentence structure.

7th grade is building on previous knowledge, moving onto more complex forms of sentence diagrams.

8th grade, having done diagramming for a few years now, are taking control of their own learning, breaking into groups  and presenting their own chapters on diagramming to the rest of the class.

Be sure to check out the school musical, Annie! They've been working so hard and I am so proud of the work they've accomplished.

Merry Christmas!

Can we freeze the clocks for a few days and play catch-up? The school year is flying by, and while I feel as though we still have so much to do, when I look back at the last three months we've truly accomplished so much.

Starting next week, all three grades are diving into their last grammar units before we begin moving into the mechanics of sentence structure/diagramming towards the end of them month.

6th grade: Focusing on adding correct punctuation, both at the end and in the middle, to sentences.

7th grade: Clauses and complex sentences

8th grade: Subject/Verb agreement

Mrs. Leivian

It's day four of October and I already feel like the month is flying by! Now that we've moved out of our fall testing phase, we've been hard at work in the classroom making up lost time in our Verb unit. All three grades will have completed the first half of the unit by the 7th, and we will move into the second half of this unit and hopefully wrap it up by the third week.

We're quickly moving through the mechanical aspect of grammar, and we'll soon be moving into labeling, breaking down, and diagramming full sentences. Before we know it, the spring semester will be here and we'll be learning the types of writing!

Be on the lookout for conferences sign-ups! I look forward to meeting with my TA students and parents in the next few weeks. HAPPY FALL!

"September means sweaters!"

This is what I've had to tell my family this last week, as I've worn sweaters every weekend (despite the summer weather). As the students have come to learn, I absolutely adore the fall and all of the crisp weather it brings. Every class is greeted by the scents of cinnamon, apple, and pumpkin as they walk through the door.

Things are picking up here in Language Arts. The students are just finishing up their unit on nouns, and we will move into our new unit on Verbs by the end of the week. This is a pretty large unit with a lot of different elements, but I'm looking forward to tackling it! This unit will take most of September for all three grades.


Mrs. Leivian


For those parents who I spoke with at Parent Welcome Night--or for any parents curious about the new Language Arts teacher and what she'll be doing this school year-- I have uploaded my class syllabus as well as a letter that is all about me! You can find these items under the Document tab on the right side of this page.


Emma Leivian

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