Many students who experience difficulty with school are dyslexic. These students are bright, curious, and hard working but reading remains a challenge throughout the years. There is help for dyslexia and educating ourselves about this learning difference is a good place to start. Please see the link below for Part 1 of the NPR series on dyslexia.




Hello! It is so wonderful to be at Magdalen Catholic School. The administration and teachers are positive and friendly and the students have been respectful and hardworking. I am grateful to have Mrs. Tina Collins and Mrs. Lisa Spicer again as assistants in the Resource Room. They have been tremendously helpful already.

I have been working on learning to know the students and teachers at Magdalen as well as going through Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) to make sure we have proper documentation for students who need accommodations, modifications, or extra services. Please see the ILP document to explain the process we will be using this year at Magdalen.




Ellen Awe

Learning Strategies

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