Spring Break is just around the corner and so is 4th quarter!

8th Grade Culminating Upcoming Deadlines: 

March 8th- Culminating Outlines are due in Grammar

March 22nd- Rough draft work day at school

March 27th&28th- Graph work day and survey data due

April 4th- Rough drafts with Works Cited due


8th Honors ELA- In Literature, we will be spending the last weeks of March reviewing literary terms and reading/applying concepts to short stories. We just finished "The Lottery," which was a big hit! We will then move in to Greek Mythology. In Grammar, we are reviewing Units 1-9 and then starting Units on punctuation, capitalization, and diagramming.


7th Honors ELA- In Literature, we are reviewing literary terms/concepts before beginning Steinbeck's The Pearl. In Grammar, we are finishing our unit on diagramming, then beginning chapters on punctuation and capitalization. 


6th Honors ELA- In Literature, we are working on skills review to end March and then reading our last novel of the year, The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle. In Grammar, we are working on our chapter over capitalization and then beginning the chapter on punctuation. 


8th Honors ELA: In Literature, we have wrapped up our unit on To Kill a Mockingbird and have begun our unit on Non-Fiction, including analysis of rhetorical devices, persuasive techniques, and finishing up with a create your own commercial project. In grammar, we have finished our units on clauses and verbals and are about to begin the unit on misplaced modifiers. 

Culminating Deadlines in February: 

Feb 21- Interview due

Feb 22- Bibliography cards due

Feb 27- Notecards due


7th Honors ELA: In Literature, we are about to finish Lord of the Flies and the unit will wrap up with options on an analytical essay, persuasive essay, or research essay. We've had the class divided into groups for "tribal" challenges, which has been a lot of fun! In grammar, we have finished our units on clauses and verbals, and we are about to begin our unit on subject/verb agreement.


6th Honors ELA: We are finishing The Outsiders (which is always a class favorite!) with a fun character anatomy project and a comparison essay. In grammar, we are working on sentence diagramming. 

Welcome to the new year! 

8th Honors ELA: In 8th grade, culminating deadlines are starting to pick up! Below is a list of the most upcoming dates-

Week of January 7th: 1.5 hours of works at home begins

January 11th: Rough draft of religious aspects due

January 15th: Approval of interview person due as well as questions

January 29th: Final religious aspects due

In class this quarter we will be finishing up TKAM as well as beginning a unit on Logical Fallacies. In grammar we will be covering compound/complex sentences, clauses, and verb moods.


7th Honors ELA: In 7th grade we are beginning Lord of the Flies this week. Throughout the novel we will be looking specifically at symbolism, theme, and analyzing character development. After LOTF, we will read The Pearl. In grammar, we are beginning the unit on compound/complex sentences, clauses, and then begin punctuation rules. 


6th Honors ELA: In 6th grade we are beginning The Outsiders, which I am very excited about! We will be using flipbooks to cover everything from plot diagram, to theme, to symbolism. In grammar, we are beginning the unit on prepositions and then moving on to compound/complex sentences.


For all grades: The first 30 minutes of Membean are due Sunday night, January 13th. The next Membean quiz will be on Monday, January 21st.

It has been an exciting return to school after Thanksgiving Break!

6th Honors ELA: In Literature, the class is wrapping up our Holocaust Unit after having finished The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. The unit will officially conclude with a comparative essay. Next, we will begin a unit on annotating and analyzing Non-Fiction. Book reports for 2nd quarter are due December 17th and AR points are due December 19th. 

In Language Arts, we finished the chapter on adjectives before Thanksgiving and are now working through the chapter on adverbs. We will finish up the semester with our chapter on prepositions. 


7th Honors ELA: In Literature, the class is finishing our novel study of Tuck Everlasting and writing an analysis paper over themes and symbols present in the story. From there, we will finish up 2nd quarter with a unit on Figurative Language. Book reports are due December 17th and AR points are due December 19th. 

In Language Arts, we wrapped up the chapter over adjectives and adverbs before Thanksgiving and are currently working on the chapter over prepositions. From there, we will end the quarter with a research paper, with a focus on citations and reliable sources. 


8th Honors ELA: In Literature, the class is currently reading To Kill a Mockingbird. As we read, the class is exploring theme, characterization, and symbolism. The 8th grade book reports for 2nd quarter are Non-Fiction book reports. They will NOT have book reports due during the third and fourth quarter. Upcoming Culminating due date: A library card to the Wichita Public Libraries is due December 14th. 

In Language Arts, Culminating preparation is in full swing. We have also most recently finished the chapter covering adjectives and adverbs, and will be beginning the chapter on prepositions following ACT Aspire. We will then conclude the semester with a research paper to practice citation and other skills and aspects of their Culminating Project. 

Welcome back to a new school year!


8th Grade: In 8th grade Literature we are wrapping up our short story unit and the students have a test coming up next Monday, September 17th. They also have a take home essay that will be due Tuesday, September 18th. The focus of their test and of their essay is exploring the literary elements we have been discussing in class and using analysis and textual evidence to apply them to the short stories from the chapter. Next, we will begin reading Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as our first class novel. In Language Arts, we have just finished our units over sentence types and nouns, and we are beginning the next unit over verbs. We will then finish out the quarter with our first paper, which will be a research paper. 


7th Grade: In 7th grade Literature the students are preparing to read "Flowers for Algernon," which will be the final story of the short story unit. They have a test over the unit on Friday, September 21st. We will then begin our first novel of the year which is The Giver. In Language Arts, the students just took a test over the noun unit and are beginning the verb unit. We will then wrap up the quarter with a narrative essay. 


6th Grade: In 6th grade Literature, the students are finishing up a paper over "Duffy's Jacket" and will continue to read three more short stories before wrapping up with a test on September 21st. The test will consist of a short answer section and a multiple choice section. We will then begin our first class novel of the year, which is The Diary of Anne Frank. In Language Arts, the students are beginning their unit on verbs this week. They will then finish up the quarter with a narrative essay. 

Happy new year!

8th Grade: In literature, we will be finishing up To Kill A Mockingbird  and beginning a Nonfiction and Informational/Visual Media unit. There are also multiple deadlines for culminating that will come up in the coming weeks. In Language Arts, we will be working on verbals and subject/verb agreement. The students will also have their 1.5 hours of work time outside of class due starting the week of January 8th. The first check will be on Thursday, January 18th. 

7th Grade: In literature, we will be reading Lord of the Flies with a focus on analyzing themes, symbols, and character motivation. In Language Arts, we will be working on verbals and subject/verb agreement. 

6th Grade: In literature, we will be reading The Outsiders and focusing on historical context, themes, literary terms, and character analysis. In Language Arts, the students will be working on subject/verb agreement and moving into comma usage. 


Students and parents,

Here is a link to a list of AR books that are within the 6th grade reading level range. Thanks to Addison Davis for finding it!


First and foremost, I would like to welcome everyone to the 2017 school year! I have been anxiously awaiting the beginning of this year and praying for our students throughout the summer. 

In Honors Literature, we will be finishing up our short story units throughout September and beginning our first class novels. In 8th grade, we will begin reading Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, while 7th graders will begin The Giver, and 6th graders will begin "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas."

In Honors Language Arts, we are finishing up our noun unit during this first week of the month and then diving into our verb unit. 

Students also began Membean this week. They have 30 minutes due each week, which needs to be spread out over a period of three days. 

Let's have a wonderful month!




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