"I can remember wearing clerics as a Priest and going to an event and being called a child molester.....they yelled it out" Father answers your question: Don't you feel nervous, considering Catholic Priests have to deal with the stigma of all priests being thought of as child molesters?





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I recently attended a “New Staff Training” with FOCUS in Bismarck, North Dakota as a chaplain of a FOCUS missionary. As you may or may not know, Magdalen is one of seven parishes in the country that has missionaries on staff whose sole job is to empower the parish to make missionary disciples. Jordan McLaughlin is on staff, and she will soon be joined by Mike and Julia Gearing, all of which are on fire with the love of Christ. As a chaplain, or more appropriately on the parish level as a parochial vicar, I am called to spiritually accompany this process. It is one that takes much dependence upon the Lord and an understanding of mission – being “sent out,” in a very real, concrete way.

We are all missionaries, and everywhere is mission territory. Not just Haiti or India, but Koch Industries, or St. Francis Hospital, or the dentist office. I find this especially applicable during these summer months, as many of us travel and take a break from our normal schedule to go on vacation. If we regularly attend Sunday Mass while we are at home, regularly pray with our Bible in the morning, and regularly share our love for the faith in conversation, all of these things can get relaxed when we go on vacation. New environment, new attitude. Some things we need to take a break from – such as our work – and some things we should never take a break from – such as our relationship with God. Pope Francis says, “I dream of a ‘missionary option,’ that is, a missionary impulse capable of transforming everything... for the evangelization of today’s world...” This missionary impulse will die whenever we let go. Whenever we relax our dependence upon God and take a break from our prayer for a week, we lose the impulse and have to rebuild that over a few more months. Souls are being lost because no one cares for them as Christ seeks to care for them. As we seek to make missionary disciples, we first have to let ourselves be formed, from the inside out, as missionary disciples, at home, in the workplace, in the park, or on vacation.

Session 1: A Call to Conversion, Mary Magdalen Hometown 


Session 2: A Call to Accompany Jesus, Insights from Scripture 


Session 3: A Call to Misson, Insights from Tradition


Bishop Kemme's reflections


Sarah Frangenberg


Sharing life experiences with Father Jirak. A heavy, and surely not an easy question has been on repeat from all of you: "Was there a lesson or anything you learned from an ex-girlfriend?"  When he was 17, his mind and heart were moving towards Priesthood but he was also drawn to marriage - have a listen.


He loves his "sacred" nap time, he *may* or *may not* be able to do more than one pull-up and find out when God confirmed there was a God in Father Jirak's life! 🤣🤣