A huge thank you to all the parents who helped on our field trip to the Children's Theatre.  We could not do it without you!

Phonics - Our letter this week is x.

Language Arts - What a Beautiful Sky  is our book this week.  We will continue to work on writing a good sentence, review sight words and work on sequencing.

Math - We are working on decomposing addition problems.  For example, 5=2+3.  It is tricky because we are writing it backwards, but so far the students are understanding the concept.

Religion - We will learn the Glory Be this week.  Please practice at home.

Science/Social Studies - We are continuing with our unit on forces.  This week we will see what happens when objects collide.


April 3 - Jeans day,.50 cents

April 19 - No School, Good Friday

April 22 - No School, Easter Monday

April 26 - Field trip to the Nature Center, 9:15 - 10:45

Welcome back from spring break!  I hope everyone had a wonderful week off.  We are back and in full swing!  Friday, March 22 is our field trip to the Children's Theatre.  Please remember to send car seats, a home lunch and drink (no pop).

Phonics - J is our letter this week.

Language Arts - Turtle Splash is our story this week.  Our sight words are now & are.  We will work on writing, and cause and effect.

Math - We will have a little fun sorting, counting and graphing as well as beginning our next unit which reviews addition and subtraction.

Religion - We will learn about St. Patrick.  We will also learn about the Trinity.

Science/Social Studies - We will begin our unit on forces.  We will start with push and pull and their effects on objects.


March 20 - Casual picture day, information on dress coming home from school in email

March 22 - Field trip to Children's Theatre

April 26 - Field trip to the Nature Center

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