Happy Fall and September 2019


September is a busy month.  We are getting into the routine of the classroom and having a great time getting to know each other.

For the month of September, please remember that there will be no school on Sept. 2nd.  Adoration will be on Sept. 6th and a Pep Rally will be held on Sept. 13th.  Fall pictures are scheduled for Sept. 20th and forms for ordering will be sent home the week before. Grandparents days will be September 5th and 6th.

Math - topics for this month include estimation to the nearest 10, 100 and 1,000; rounding; and subtraction and addition story problems.  Please review with your child the lesson in the book if your child is struggling.  If your child is absent for the day the lesson video can be seen by logging into  www.pearsonsuccessnet.com website to view it.

Religion - We will be talking about Jesus as part of the Holy Trinity and how to pray along with beginning to review some of the DRA religion curriculum questions for the assessment in May.

Grammar - We will review the 4 types of sentences and the correct punctuation for each.  We will be color coding sentence parts for the subject and predicate of a sentence.  The students will practice writing and recognizing dialog by writing comic strips and we will work on correcting run on sentences in our creative writing.

Reading - The students will begin reading in our Journey's reader.  The first story is called A Fine, Fine School.  We will read a variety of fiction and compare non-fiction texts to our stories.  Vocabulary quizzes will be on Thursdays and the vocab words are in the beginning of each story lesson.  A cold read test will be every Friday.  The first two weeks we will do these together so the students can practice finding the answers in the text and highlighting them.

Science - We will continue to study force and motion with some fun experiments.  The students will conduct some investigations on distance and motion and how force affects objects in motion.

Writing - We will do some fun writing projects on how the pineapple became so important and learn more about each other with some getting to know you activities.

Happy Spring!!

Important reminders:

Please remember to study nightly with your child on their facts.  The April fact test will be on the 9 and 11's and it will be 2 minutes long.  Also keep in mind that the 3rd graders will be testing in reading and math for state assessments.  Please make sure your child has a good night sleep and a good breakfast for these upcoming tests.

Our class will be leading Mass on April 12th, please feel free to join us for this wonderful celebration.


Math - we will continue to review perimeter and area and begin working graphs and measurement strategies.

LA - we will finish up with grammar and begin reviewing the parts of speech with MSG (mult-sensory grammar) review worksheets.  In writing we will do some descriptive writing with creating our own bug and where it might originate from.  As we move through our LHBW novel we will learn more about the life of Laura Ingalls and the people of the 1870's.

Religion - we will learn about the Mass and continue our study during this time of Lent.  Remind your child to continue to work on the prayer challenge from Father Jirak and to complete the Lenten card on their personal journey from our classroom.

Science - What a great time to begin studying the weather.  We will learn about severe weather and tools used to measure weather.  We have some fun investigations to do in class during this time.  

I hope everyone enjoys a great time with family and friends during our Easter break and we can enjoy some warmer weather too. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me as we end the year with great progress.

God Bless you and your family!  Happy Easter.

March is upon us and a busy month it will be...


Important dates to remember include Vocation Day for 6th graders on the 1st, AR store on the 4th, Spring Break the 11th - 15th and Casual pictures on the 20th.  

While we are working hard to prepare for state assessments, please work with your child to practice multiplication facts for the month (8's) and to review all other facts so your child will be ready for our testing.  State assessments are scheduled for the month of April.

Language Arts - we will be reading some poetry and plays and learning the parts of these types of texts as well as reviewing strategies such as cause and effect, compare and contrast, inferring, etc.  We will be finishing up on adverbs and reviewing the parts of speech as we also work on writing complete sentences and working on grammar techniques.  We will also be starting an novel - Little House in the Big Woods as our classroom novel study begins.

Math - we will finish up with geometry and then move on to learning about perimeter , area and graphing.


Science - we will be studying habitats of animals and how ecosystems interact together.  The students will also be starting a science project on animal habitats along with writing a research paper to go along with their project.

Religion - We will be studying the Stations of the Cross and reviewing the DRA study guide for the upcoming assessment.

God Bless your family this month and enjoy time together over the spring break

Happy Fall!!

Parents please remember to practice with your child nightly on multiplication facts.  You will need to sign and date the home study fact slip at least 3 times weekly to show that your child has been practicing the monthly facts.  These strips are due the following Monday after they are passed out. 

Math - we will continue with multiplication fact study, learning the properties of multiplication and working with fact families.  Topic 6 will be divided into 2 parts and the first 5 lessons will be tested on first and then we will work on the remaining 6 lessons.  Breaking this apart will help your child focus on each lesson and improve their multiplication skills.

Reading - we will continue to work on cause and effect strategies, text features and reading non fiction and informational text for important facts.  We will be learning about point of view and more about figurative language and inferring activities to help us in our comprehension skills through out the quarter. Remember 6 AR points are due each quarter for third grade.

Writing - the students will be working on a saint project and gathering information on a saint of their choice and making a paper bag project to share with the class.  We will also work on some fun centers and focusing on learning to write beginning and closing sentences to paragraphs.

Grammar - the students will learn about pronouns and review nouns and correct punctuation throughout the month.  Our Flat Stanley's will be arriving back by Thanksgiving break and the children will share their adventures with the class.

Science - We will begin a new unit on the study of plants.  This is a fun unit as we learn about parts of plants and the way they reproduce.

Religion - we will be reviewing the DRA study guide throughout the quarter and also talk about the Church as one and review the 4 marks of the church in our lessons.

Please look at the book orders I have sent home.  If you wish to order something as a Christmas gift, you may let me know and I will hold it for you to pick up and not send it home with your child.  Books make great Christmas gifts and our Scholastic Book Club has many great finds in it.  We also earn points for free books for our classroom library when you order.  Thank you for considering Book Club orders to help our library grow.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break and encourage your child to practice math facts and read throughout the break.









Fall is upon us!!

October is a busy month with Respect Life activities and the Great Pumpkin.

Please plan accordingly to check your child's agenda nightly, sign the agenda and be aware of upcoming tests, prayer testing and fact testing.

This month the Hail Holy Queen prayer and the subtraction tests will be given near the end of the month.

Pumpkin Guesses will be sold the week of the 23rd and the Great Pumpkin will be on Tuesday, October 31st.  Adoration will be on the 13th and our first Mustang Matters will be on the 4th.

Religion - we will be early church history

Reading - working more on informational text in our reader, using strategies such as questioning and inferring to work on comprehension and learning about literal and non literal text features.

Grammar - continuing on with nouns and subject/predicate review

Writing - some fun creative writing for Halloween stories and writing descriptive stories about ourselves

Science - we will be finishing up chapter 2 on force and motion.  We made posters and had a gallery walk to help study for the material.  Study guides will be completed in class near the end of the month for the chapter test.

Math - we work on subtraction and addition facts and practice 3 digit addition and subtraction.  We will be starting multiplication and learning about arrays.

On the 18th we will take a field trip to St. Anthony's Shelter and learn about one of our wonderful Catholic Charities.  

Don't forget no school on the 6th and 20th.  On the 19th conferences will be held, please go online when it opens to select your time.  


Welcome Students and Parents!

I am looking forward to the new school year and meeting all my new students and their parents.  Each month I will publish a newsletter with a summary of the topics we will be studying in each subject and highlighting any important dates and events.

In August there will be a few important events to look forward to.  One is August 21st, in which we will experience a solar eclipse.  Please plan ahead to communicate to your child the importance of this rare event and as a school we will be planning to safely experience this wonder of God.  Another important event to pencil in your schedule is Parent Night.  On August 24th parents are invited to meet the teacher and see our classroom.  I am looking forward to meeting each of you and providing you with a parent handbook to provide information that will help you and your child have a successful year.

Here are some of the topics and curriculum we will be discussing during August.

Math - We will be working with place value up to 1,000, number lines and comparing numbers on number lines to determine greater and less value.  We will also be ordering numbers and practicing our addition and subtraction skills to review.

Religion - We will be learning about the kingdom of God and why Jesus was sent to teach us.

Grammar - During the beginning of the year we will be working on the 4 types of sentences: statements, exclamations, commands and interrogative sentences.  We will work on reviewing these and the correct type of punctuation for each.

Reading - We will begin the year with a favorite read aloud - Ramona Quimby, Age 8 and then move on to our Journey's reading series.  We will practice each week with vocabulary words, skills related to the weekly story and comprehension questions.  We will also work on our writing skills using our writing folder (packed with good resources) and focus on a trait each month to practice.  We will not start spelling until we begin the reading series. 

Science - The science series begins with discussing magnetism, force and speed.  We will conduct weekly experiments and use our text to read, analyze, predict and write our findings on the experiments we conduct in class.  Weekly review of the readings and homework assignments will help your child to be successful for the chapter assessments.  I do provide a study guide before each test and this will be a good indicator of what to expect on the assessment.

I am looking forward to the new school year and please feel free to contact me through email if you have any questions. 


Spring is in the air and warm weather is welcoming.

State Assessments are finally upon us.  Third graders will be taking the reading assessments on April 6th and 7th.  Please help your child prepare by getting a good night rest and a good breakfast in the morning. 

Reading for the remainder of the month will be Little House by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  We will continue to read the novel and do discussion questions, vocabulary and writing tasks on the story.  Grammar will finish up with our punctuation, capitalization and sentence structure chapter and then move into MSG coding.  This will focus on the parts of speech and review the remainder of the year.

Math will consist of finishing up area and reviewing the differences between perimeter and area.  We will then learn about measurement of capacity, and data and graphing.  Our Math State Assessments will be near the end of the month.  April 25th and 26th are designated as those testing dates.  Please have your child practice with Study Island as much as possible to review all we have learned this year and be prepared for this important test.

Religion will focus on the Mass and parts of the Mass along with prayer testing on the Apostles' Creed.

Science will take a break for a couple of weeks while we review and test and then we will finish up our weather chapter and look at the stages of matter for the remainder of the year.

Please continue to practice with your child their multiplication facts.  April will be testing on the 9 and 11's .  In May we will test on the 12's and finish up with a 40 fact problem mixed fact test to earn the cherry on top of their ice cream scoops.  If you have any questions please refer to the family handbook or send me an email for clarification. 

Lastly, enjoy the Easter celebrations and participate with your child at Mass on the special holy days that are coming with the end of Lent.  God Bless you and your family this Easter season. 

Spring is Almost Here!!

With state assessments approaching next month we are working hard to prepare and review on what we have been learning all year.  Reading assessments will be April 6th and 7th and the math will be the 25th and 26th.  Please work with your child to complete any Study Island topics they have not successfully mastered to help them be ready.

Reading - we will spend a week working on poetry and drama text structure and then we will begin our novel study of Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingall Wilder.  There will be comprehension and vocab study each week as we read the novel and a quiz on each Friday.

Grammar - we will work on punctuation and capitalization skills along with reviewing the parts of speech.

Writing - we will be working on our research skills in class with some centers and also creating a research project in science on an animal and it's habitat.

Math - we will begin studying measurement, perimeter and area.  Remember to continue to study facts at home and the new fact for March will be the 8's. 

Science - we will finish up with ecosystems with our culminating diorama project and then begin to learn about weather patterns.

Religion - continue to review the DRA questions and learning about the sacraments and parts of the Mass and holy days.

Spring break will be the 20t  24th.  I hope you all enjoy a nice break and relax. 

Happy Valentines Day!

We begin the month with CSW activities.  Please check the emails on the final days of CSW events for February.  Also, conferences are coming up soon.  Make sure you check the email announcements for sign up times. 

Religion - We will be working on our Family Life booklets and studying the gift of families and how we can spend time together with our families in worship to God.

Then we will begin our study of the Rosary.  This will be a written test and I will send home handouts and a practice test.  The students will need to know what prayers match to the beads of a rosary and the order of the events of each mystery.  I will write out each of the events for the mysteries and all the students need to do is number them in the correct order.

Science - we will finish up our study of animals and living things.  Discussing life cycles and the different types of vertebrates and invertebrates.

Language Arts:  Reading - we will be reading some poetry and dramas (plays) along with more informational text .  We will work on text structure and review comparing and contrasting, POV, idioms and figurative language.

Grammar - We will review parts of speech and study adverbs next

Math - Continue our study of fractions and then learn about shapes and geometry before moving into perimeter and area.  Please review your child's study of multiplication facts.  In February we will test on the 6's .  This will be a 1 minute timed test.  If you child has not passed any of the other fact tests, they need to work on those and when they are ready i will allow them to retake the tests to earn their scoop of ice cream.  Just let me know when they are ready to try again.

Don't forget to sign the PE and Fact Slips after practicing the skills weekly.

Study Island is a great way to practice not only for upcoming tests, but also for state assessment practice.  I will be making additional assignments to review strategies as we get closer to assessments.


Welcome Back !!

It was a wonderful holiday break and I am looking forward to seeing everyone back at school again.  Here is a brief update on what we will be working on this month.

Math - we will be looking at telling time to the minute and reading time in various ways.  We will practice elapsed time and practice reading different types of clocks and calculating date and time frames.  Then we will move onto the basic study of fractions and parts of a whole.

Reading - We will begin the month working on point of view and understanding 1st, 2nd and 3rd person POV.  We will go back into our readers the 2nd week of January and read various fiction and non fiction passages.  We will work on story structure, main idea and inferring skills along with studying our spelling words for each lesson.

Grammar - We will begin the study of adjectives and the different types of adjectives that are used to describe nouns.  We continue to work on our MSG and review the parts of speech we have already learned.

Writing - we will do some creative writing with a few "snow" themed stories and work on conventions while reviewing the parts of 6 trait writing skills

Religion - we will review the DRA study guide and play some review games before taking the winter EOL in religion.  Then we will begin our 2 week Family Life curriculum.  This will correlate around the time of CSW at the end of January.

Science - We will review our study of plants and then assess on this chapter (3) in a few weeks.  Chapter 4 continues our study of living things and we will learn about animals and the relationship between ecosystems.

Please remember to continue to study your monthly facts from previous (0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 10) and add the 4 and 7's for this month. 

Lots of important things going on during the month. Spelling bee Wednesday, the 4th, Geography Bee the 13th, MLK day the 16th (no school), All School Spelling Bee the 27th  and CSW begins the 30th.

Welcome Winter!!

Don't forget to study the math facts of 2, 3, and 5 for this month.  Testing will be at the end of the month (3 min.)

Math - working on division and multiplication strategies and relating the two operations.  We will continue to review the properties of Multiplication and use pictures, counters and models to practice.

Religion - We will review the DRA study guide and begin reading chapter 10 on pilgrimages and the 4 types of prayer

Grammar - we will finish up with verbs and review MSG color coding.

Reading - We will be reading some folk tales and practicing compare and contrast strategies along with informational text.  Along with our reader selections we will do a characterization chart on traits of heroic figures and on the saints!

Science - we will finish up with chapter 3 on parts of a plant and life cycles.  I hope your beans are sprouting from the first investigation we did ! 

Our field trip to Center of the Arts is 12/9.  Thank you to those drivers who volunteered  I am sure it will be lots of fun and we will read the book in class before attending. 



Math - We will be working on multiplication and writing multiplication stories.  Continuing to review our addition and subtraction strategies and reviewing those addition properties.  Please review weekly with your child their addition and subtraction facts as we will begin the multiplication home study next month.  Also the online tests are available on the Pearson website to review for upcoming topic tests.

Religion - we will studying the early church and the roles of popes and bishops.

Language Arts - we will be reading informational texts and learning about comparing texts.  We will make some literal and non literal language art idoms for Halloween and do some reading about illustrators

Grammar - We are continuing to learn about nouns and subject/predicate reviewing.  I will be reading to the students a Flat Stanley book and then the students will send out friendly letters with a Flat they have made to a friend or relative.  This goes along with our study of parts of the friendly letter.

Science - We will continue to study about energy and the different types of energy. 

Writing - We will be making a persuasive monster for sale project that includes a writing piece and some fun information.  This will help practice the writing process we have been working on.

Don't forget to practice the Hail Holy Queen prayer for our October prayer testing and subtraction facts will be given for the month also.

Happy Fall!


Welcome back to school!

We will be getting into all the subject areas this month.

Reading - beginning in our Journey reader we will be working on vocabulary and informational text comparisons.

Math - reviewing greater numbers, place value and working on addition and subtraction strategies.  There will be a 6 min. timed test on 60 addition problems at the end of the month.  Please practice weekly these basic 1-12 facts.

Religion - We will be reading about Jesus and his apostles and the early church.  Remember all religion tests are open book, so review with your child the key words and concepts from the text or use the online website to prepare for upcoming tests.

Grammar - We are reviewing statements, questions, commands and exclamation sentences.  After the first chapter, we will work on the parts of speech beginning with nouns. 

Science - we have been doing some experiments with force and motion and magnets.  Remind your child to bring home their text books to help with homework assignments.  There are lots of fun investigations in this first chapter we will be using to help us understand gravity and force and motion.

Spelling - we have begun our weekly spelling curriculum.  Look for the list of words each Monday and tests will be given on Friday.  14 words and 2 extra credit ones.  No sentences! 

Upcoming Events:

AR store is on the 12th

All school confession will be on the 14th

Fall Pictures on the 21st

Mustang Matters Day is the 28th

Welcome -  Back to School 2016!

I want to welcome all of you to 3B and I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing summer break.

To begin the year.... we will be learning how to use and bring home text books for the first part of the year.  We will also begin working on responsibility for our turning in homework, filling out agendas and preparing for upcoming tests in each of the subject areas we study.   Third grade is a challenging and exciting time and I am looking forward to getting to know each of the students in my class.

This year we will be working hard to prepare for state assessments in the early spring.  Until then please feel free to check the monthly newsletters to find out what we will be working on each month.

We will be working on reviewing during the first part of the year. 

Reading - read aloud Ramona, Age 8 will be our introduction to reading this year.  We will begin reading stories in our reader after this book and focusing on strategies such as author's purpose, compare and contrast and inferring.  We will compare non-fiction passages with fiction and poetry throughout the first unit of our reader.

Writing - we will work on the process of writing and learning how to write beginnings and conclusions along with working on sentence structure.

Grammar - we begin with the 4 types of sentences and then work on the parts of speech... beginning with nouns and then moving onto verbs.

Math - we will review number sentences and the operations of addition and subtraction.  Later in the first topic we will work on rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1,000.  Please note that all the lessons we do each day have a video that can be found on the Pearson website and each topic has a practice test students can take to prepare for topic tests.

Science - we begin the year learning about magnets and force and motion.  Our science books are full of valuable information and we will be conducting many fun experiments using magnets.

Religion - we begin the year learning about Jesus and his early life.  Along with using our text books we will review the curriculum requirements for third grade diocesan requirements.  As the year moves along we will also learn about many of the saints and review our prayers. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through email or a note in your child's agenda.  I am looking forward to meeting all of you at the Parent Informational Night on August 25th.


Happy End of Year!!

We will be finishing up with lots of great culminating projects this May.  It's a busy time but please don't forget to practice facts for May (12's) and the final mixed multiplication fact test over 40 problems will be given the last couple of weeks of May.  Students can earn their cherry on their ice cream scoop for passing.

Religion - We will be reviewing for the DRA culminating test for all grades that will be given on May 10.  Please keep reviewing with your child for this important test.  It will be in the lab on the computers (not a paper test).

Math - we are finishing up on data and graphing topic 16 and will be introducing 4th grade topics during the last part of May.

Reading and 6 trait Writing  - Our novel study for LHBW is finishing up and we will be taking a field trip to Cowtown in May to end our study of this great novel.  It is an AR book, so remind your child to take an AR test on it.  All AR points (6 points per quarter) are due by the 19th of May.  We will do a fun book project and students will write their own Unfortunately books in class also.  A review of our language arts study will consist of a final few days reviewing cause/effect, parts of writing and compare/contrast strategies.  Lots of fun things to finish up!

Grammar - last part of our study will be on prepositions and conjunctions.  They will be finishing their flip books for this study.

Science -  Our study of weather will be ending soon and we will learn about how scientists study and the procedures they use when investigating hypothesis.  Our last project will be an engineering project and the students will design and construct a lunch box to keep pop-cicles frozen. 

Religion:  We are studying chapters 17 and 25.  These chapters cover Jesus and his teachings and the communion of saints.  We will be reviewing the DRA study guide throughout the month to practice for the upcoming DRA assessment in May.

Reading - We will continue with our novel study of LHBW and work on vocabulary and reading comprehensive questions as we enjoy learning about Laura  Ingalls Wilder.  We will work on comparison and visualization strategies as we read and discuss how Laura's life is different from ours.

Grammar:  We will finish up with punctuation and capitalization and then begin reviewing the parts of speech with our multi-sensory grammar coding.  This is lots of fun and makes for a very colorful homework assignment.

Writing:  we will do some fun projects on descriptive writing by creating a bug and writing descriptive paragraphs to describe it.  We will also be creating a story from a story bag, so be prepared for some funny stories because you never know what you might find in the story bags.

Science:  We will begin learning about weather and natural disasters.  This is a good time of the year to learn about rain, storms, clouds and the water cycle.  We always have lots of great Kansas weather to compare our readings to during April.

Math:  We will be finishing up with area and moving onto studying capacity and graphing.  Our math assessments are the week of April 4th so work hard to finish up any Study Island practice tests that are not completed with blue ribbons.  The math facts for April and 9 and 11's.  Keep reviewing all the facts however, so your child will be prepared for the end of year mixed 40 multiplication facts.

Artesia is the first weekend of April.  I hope to see everyone there and enjoy the spring season. 

Spring is Here!

Math topics for March include geometry, area and perimeter.  We are working hard to prepare for state assessments.  The more your child practices on Study Island the better prepared they will be.  Please have them work weekly on completing any areas of practice tests they have not done.  Our math facts for March are the 8's.  Please continue to review all the other facts and add the 8's to their review.

ELA - Writing assessments will be next week.  Work with your child on forming good complete sentences and thoughts to help them be ready.

Reading - we will be starting a novel study.  Little House in the Big Woods will be our reading material.  There will be vocab and reflections along with a weekly quiz on every 2 chapters we read together in class.

Grammar - we will finish up adverbs and then move onto punctuation and grammar rules.

Religion - we will review the Stations of the Cross for a quiz mid March and then learn more about the sacraments and parts of the Mass

Science - we will complete our study of ecosystems and learn how plants and animals depend on each other.  Look forward to information regarding a habitat research project soon.

Have a great spring break and enjoy the warmer, milder weather.

February is full of activities as we prepare for spring to come.

On Feb. 11th the third grade class will visit Chaucer Estates and sing Valentine songs and deliver hand-made valentines to the residents of Chaucer.  All parents are welcome to join us as we celebrate Valentines Day with them.

Religion - we will be working out of our Family Life workbook during the next two weeks.  A newsletter to parents will be coming home soon and we will be studying about God and our Families as we worship together.

Also we will begin studying the Rosary and learning which beads match to the corresponding prayers as we practice praying the Rosary.  We will be reading about each of the mysteries and learning more about Jesus's life as we study the Rosary.

Math - We will be working more with fractions and mixed numbers and learning how to plot fractions on a number line.  We will also review our multiplication and division facts, telling time and review addition and subtraction facts.  State assessments are not far away and a great way to review the standards tested is to use Study Island weekly at home to master those standards.

Language Arts - Reading material will concentrate on informational text, myths, a little poetry and similes and metaphors.

Again Study Island offers great practice for the upcoming state assessments.

Writing - we will work on the writing process and traits to further our practice.

Grammar - Adverbs are the next part of speech we will work on.  The students will be creating flip books on the parts of speech and reviewing prefixes and suffixes too.

Science - we will finish up with living things and move into studying the ecosystem.  Relating our study of plants and animals together will help us review the previous chapters.

Don't forget to study the facts weekly and sign the weekly fact slip.  They are worth 10 points each Monday.  Also the February fact test will be over the 6's and it will be one minute long.  If your child has not passed any previous fact test please work with them nightly so they my get these tests passed. 

There will be lots of activities for CSW the first week. Please check your reach emails so you are aware of the upcoming events and activities. 

Welcome Back !!

I hope everyone had a great holiday break and enjoyed time with family.

Here is an update on what we will be doing in January.

Assessments will be approaching quickly - therefore please work with your child to complete as much of Study Island as possible during the next month and February.  This website is a great tool for practicing the type of questions your child will find on the state assessments in Reading, Math and Language Arts.

Math - we will be working on telling time.  Please work with your child regularly on telling time to the minute, hour and half hour along with figuring elapsed time .  After time we will be working on fractions, so knowing their multiplication facts will be essential for success in this area.

Language Arts:  Grammar - we will be working on adjectives and how they describe nouns.  Also we will be working on coding sentences by using multi-sensory coding skills.

Reading - we will begin with learning about point of view and how pronouns can help us determine the POV in text.  Then we will work on more informational texts along with poetry and plays.  We will be reviewing strategies such as inferring, questioning, comparing and contrasting and descriptive type of texts.

Writing - We will be working on explanatory essays and persuasive writing skills.  We will also do a creative writing project on a snowman at night and the adventures he will encounter.

Religion - We will be learning about belonging to the parish and reviewing our big study guide for the winter EOL for the DRT test.

Science - We will finish up with plants and their life cycles and begin studying animals and their relationship to the environment.

Don't forget January facts are 4 and 7's the time will be 2 minutes.  Please practice weekly with your child to help them be successful.

Happy New Year!


Happy Holidays!!

Math - We will be finishing up with multiplication and working with the properties of multiplication.  We will start working with telling time to the minute, half hour and hour.  Also we will practice telling elapsed time and problem solving strategies.

Language Arts - Reading - continuing with our text weekly stories and working on cause/effect and comparing fiction and non fiction texts.  We will learn about point of view and the pronouns that help us determine point of views. 

Grammar - starting adjectives and reviewing the parts of speech we have studied. (noun, pronoun and verb)

Writing - we will work on forming paragraphs and using character traits to develop writing projects along with reviewing the parts of the writing process:  pre-write, drafting, revision, edit and publishing.  The students should be familiar with each of these parts by now.

Science - We will finish up with plant and the process of making food called photosynthesis.  We will move on to study animals and then culminate our study with how plants and animals work together within our environment that God has created for us to care for.

Religion - We will continue to review the Diocesan study guide and practice for the upcoming religion bee in January.  We will talk about our parish and how we belong as a family to our parish.

The Facts for December are 2, 3, and 5 please help your child prepare for the fact test by completing the weekly fact slip after studying the 0, 1 , 10 along with the 2, 3 and 5 facts. 



Becky Sullivan

3rd Grade

Office Hours