Religion: We will be starting our new chapters over the Order of the Mass and the 4 Forms of Prayer. Also, starting this month your child will need to study their religion note cards 3 times a week. They will have a slip of paper in their agendas that you will need to sign off on. They will receive 10 points a week for doing this.  

Math: We are getting ready to start our chapter on numerical expressions, patterns, and relationships and then move into the chapter on adding and subtracting fractions.

Science: We are starting our new chapter on Ecosystems. The students will be learning about the parts of an ecosystem, how organisms interact, how ecosystems change, and how humans impact ecosystems. The students will be conducting some neat experiments during this chapter.

January 11: Chapter 11 Religion Test

January 17: Chapter 8 Math Test

January 18: Chapter 12 Religion Test



Ashley Doty

5th Grade

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