It's hard to believe March is already here!  Spring break and, fingers crossed, warmer weather!!!  Even my Northeast-born bones are getting chilled at this point!


8th Grade is knee-deep in Culminating activities now; they've finished their bib- and note-cards and are moving on to outlining in their Language Arts class.  Additionally, they are finishing up Tuck Everlasting, and prepping for KS State Assessments.

We are just about halfway through A Wrinkle in Time in 7th Grade.  We're doing most of our reading in class, and are very much enjoying our discussions covering themes of good versus evil, family, friendship, and much more!

6th Grade are nearing the end of The View from Saturday, and are focusing on the unique characters in the novel and the friendshps they've made.  They're doing a great job of parsing the sometimes complex plot and timelines the book presents.

As always, if you have any questions, let me know.  He're to hoping for warmer days ahead!


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