The Church of the Magdalen parish was established in 1950. We have moved three times since then. The first worship space was the building that became the social hall at our former location. From that building we moved to the ‘round church’, a local landmark at the intersection of Kellogg and Woodlawn, where we worshiped from 1968 to 2001.

With the widening of Kellogg, our building was purchased by the city, and we relocated to our current site. The new home for the Magdalen parish was dedicated in November of 2002. This building was designed to, in many ways, replicate the feeling ofthe church building our parish called home for 33 years with its rounded walls, curved pews and sloped floor. The main difference is size. Our former church building seated 850 people. The new worship space has room for 1500 people. Two dominant themes influenced the design of this church building. The first was that of a pilgrimage of faith, a journey of conversion. The second was a theme of healing, which has become the focus of the art created for this new space. There has been a concentrated effort to adhere to the guiding principle of “noble simplicity” in shaping this space.