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Thursday, October 30th

Great Pumpkin Assembly • 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Class Parties • 2:40pm - 3:20pm
Friday, October 31st

NO SCHOOL Bazaar Set-up
Saturday, November 1st

Sunday, November 2nd

Monday, November 3rd

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ORANGE You Glad to be a Smartie | Oct. 30th

We will conclude our Week of JOY on Thursday, Oct. 30th with our ORANGE You Glad to be a Smartie theme. We will reward our students for making good, smart choices. On this day, students may wear any orange, black, Halloween-themed, or MCS spirit (all writing should be school-appropriate) with jeans without holes or frayed hems (please review the jeans day dress code guidelines on p.11 of the handbook). 

Don't SWEAT It Alone....TEAM UP to Respect Life | Oct. 29th

On Wednesday, Oct. 29th students will work together as a team to make good choices and respect life. Students may wear full length sweats or jeans without holes or frayed hems; no tights, yoga pants, or exercise bottoms. They may also wear any team shirt, jersey (sleeveless jerseys should have a t-shirt underneath), or MCS spirit shirt. All writing must be school appropriate and not on the "bottom" area. Regular shoe guidelines apply. 

Don't be a bySTANDer | Oct. 28th

Tomorrow's theme is "Don't be a bySTANDer". Students will learn how to stand up for others. To celebrate this day, students may wear any socks and/or shoes. Please make sure that toes are covers. Boots and slides with socks are OK, but no flip-flops. 

Week of JOY at MCS | Oct. 27-30

In honor of Red Ribbon and Bully Prevention week, Magdalen will have a Week of JOY (Jesus, Others, You). Students will have the opportunity to dress-up or participate in daily themes. They will also learn about various ways to put JOY in their lives and the lives of others. It will be a great week!

Monday:   Jump for JOY!!!!!  Students will use jump ropes in PE class to celebrate their good health.  There will also be a JOY tree in our front lobby.  On the tree, will be ideas of ways students can bring JOY to Jesus, then Others, then You.  Students names will be added to the tree throughout the week as teachers notice them bringing JOY to others.   

Tuesday:  Don’t Be a BySTANDer…. Students may wear any socks and shoes….toes must be covered!  Normal free shoe day guidelines will apply.

Wednesday:  Don’t Sweat It Alone….Team Up to Respect Life!!!  Students may wear sweats and team shirt or jersey.  If students do not have a team shirt, they may wear MCS spirit wear.  Normal free sweats day guidelines will be followed.  

Thursday:  Orange you glad you’re a smarty pants and make good choices???!!!!!  Students may wear an appropriate ORANGE shirt and jeans.  Students will receive smarties from our principals to reward them for all their good choices!  Normal jeans day guidelines will be followed.


Blanket Drive | Oct. 7 - Oct. 30

Starting on October 7th through October 30th, Magdalen Catholic School will hold a blanket drive. Our goal is one new donated blanket per family. If we meet our quota, the school will have a free jeans day. Thanks and please donate!

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