Fr. Shawn McKnight
Mass for Homebound

Today we celebrate our patronal feast day. Last year, Pope Francis elevated St. Mary Magdalen’s day in the universal liturgical calendar from the rank of Obligatory Memorial to the rank of Feast. The official decree from the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments states: “Given that in our time the Church is called to reflect in a more profound way on the dignity of Woman, on the New Evangelization and on the greatness of the Mystery of Divine Mercy, it seemed right that the example of Saint Mary Magdalene might also fittingly be proposed to the faithful. In fact this woman, known as the one who loved Christ and who was greatly loved by Christ, and was called a “witness of Divine Mercy” by Saint Gregory the Great and an “apostle of the apostles” by Saint Thomas Aquinas, can now rightly be taken by the faithful as a model of women’s role in the Church. The celebration of St. Mary Magdalen’s feast day is particularly special for us, as she is our patron Saint.

The feast day for St. Mary Magdalen is July 22 in the universal liturgical calendar. We have been given special permission from the Bishop of Wichita to observe her feast day on a Sunday near July 22 so that more of our parishioners may partake in this celebration.  

On her feast day this year, we are concluding a year of starting a new group within the parish called the St. Mary Magdalen Planned Giving Society. Much like the legacy societies found at colleges and universities, the St. Mary Magdalen Planned Giving Society serves to encourage the stewardship of assets through the end of life by: 1) educating parishioners on the many vehicles available to structure their ability to leave a charitable gift while lowering their tax obligations; 2) fostering new memberships by making known the parishioners who have made a planned gift; and 3) thanking donors who have given a lasting contribution to the parish or school through a revocable trust, will, life insurance policy, charitable gift annuity, charitable trust, or through a distribution from their retirement fund.

Planned gifts are necessary for the future of our parish. The ordinary operations of the parish and school will always depend on the tithe of parishioner’s incomes, but planned gifts will help the parish provide for its capital and extraordinary expenses without having to burden our operational budget. For more information on the St. Mary Magdalen Planned Giving Society, and how you might become a member, please call me at the parish office.