This website is used as a way for students to utilize the internet as a learning tool.  There are so many ways that Social Studies can be fun and interesting when presented in the right way and I believe this modern technology is the perfect way for all students to learn.  This site will consist of:


  • Interesting and helpful Social Studies sites of all kinds
  • Documents to download for projects
  • Media such as movies, pictures, and songs to reinforce people, places, and events
  • Text book information and chapters
  • Maps and files of electronic maps for free mapping software
  • Links to free software and safe downloads to assist with learning
  • Economics tools and documents
  • Useless tidbits of information that middle schoolers love
  • Anything else I come across that I feel will help the kids make connections and spark their interest.



I won't ever get completely done with updating this site so check back often to see what has changed and what's new!

Mr. Sabala

Middle School Social Studies






Catholicism Around the World

Click on the map to make it work. This shows the percentage of Catholics in each country of the world.  The larger the country appears on this map, the more of the world's population of Catholics it contains.