April News

On Tuesday April 21st, the 5th graders are hosting our annual Blood Drive in the Parish Hall. This is our class stewardship project. Please consider signing up to donate if you are available that day. You can sign up by clicking HERE. I have asked each student to find at least one person to sign up to donate for the drive - all students who have a donor present on the day of the drive will receive a prize from the American Red Cross. All students will be volunteering during the blood drive, regardless of whether or not they had a donor present on the day.

Thank you so much for supporting the 5th grade and all those who are in need of life-saving blood.


Here is a brief overview of what we have coming up in April:


5B will continue reading "Cheaper By the Dozen" for the first two full weeks of April. 5A will continue using the textbook, reading stories about the American Revolution. Half way through the month, the classes will switch.



We began a new unit after Spring Break about Prepositions, Conjunctions, and Interjections. This unit will continue through April. Expect a test towards the end of the month (please watch the agenda for an exact date).



The Revolutionary War unit continues - we have been learning about the battles and events that occurred during the American Revolution. The test over this unit will be towards the end of April or beginning of May. There will be a study guide; watch the agenda for a specific date for the test.



We will begin our last writing unit, Poetry, during April. Students will be writing poems during class - some types they will be familiar with, others will be new to them. The majority of the work will be completed primarily in class. If your student is absent, please have them see me if they need additional help completing the poems.

March News

I can scarcely believe that we are almost to the end of the 3rd quarter - the school year is certainly flying! Here is a quick overview of what we will be working on during March.


We will finish the novel, "Bridge to Terabithia" before Spring Break. There will be a test over this book before break that is separate from the AR test (which students are encouraged to take - 6 points!). During the week following Spring Break, the two classes will begin working on separate projects. 5A will return to the textbook where we will begin studying several texts that go with the Revolutionary War unit in Social Studies. 5B will be reading the novel, "Cheaper By the Dozen." The classes will switch units towards the end of April.


Don't forget the 3rd quarter 8 AR points will be due Friday March 13th.



Following the Adverbs test on March 4th, the students will spend the second week of March working on Idioms, Adages, and Proverbs. This will be an in-class week long activity; students will be researching and presenting on different idioms, adages, and proverbs. The last week of March, we will begin a new unit of Prepositions, Conjunctions, and Interjections.



The first part of the Revolutionary War unit, The Road to War, will be tested on March 11th. A study guide will come home on Wednesday March 4th. We won't begin the second half of the unit until after Spring Break.



During March, we will be working in class to prepare for the State Writing Assessment. Please do no expect anything to come home to work on during this time - all practice will take place in school.

Paper Due Date

Dear Parents -

Many students have not yet been able to finish typing their 5 paragraph persuasive essays during class. Due to the evening performance of the 5th grade concert, I will be giving the students class time to finish typing their papers tomorrow (without a late grade penalty). Please do not feel you must make your students type their papers at home tonight if they are not finished.

Thank You!

Mrs. Holding

February News

As we head into February, here is a brief overview of what the students will be working on:



We will finish the Verbs Unit the first week of February. The open book test will be Thursday February 5th. The next unit will be over Adverbs. The Adverbs unit is shorter than many of the other units, so there may be another English test at the end of the month. As always, watch the agenda for more specific information and daily assignments.



The first week of February we will finish Mysteries of the Mummy Kids. This informational book has been a fun departure from the textbook for the students and is worth 4 AR points. Beginning the second week of February, we will return to the textbook as we prepare for the State Reading Assessment.



The students have been working very hard on their persuasive essays - I can't wait to read their ideas about how to improve our school. Due to my absence on Friday January 30th, I will be checking rough drafts on Monday Feb. 2nd, parent editing will be due by Thursday Feb. 5th, and we will be typing final drafts in class the week of Feb. 9-13.



We have begun our study of the events that led to the American Revolution. In the agenda, you may see this referred to RTW which stand for Road To War. This unit covers the events following the French and Indian War (also known as  The 7 Years War) through the battles of Lexington and Concord on April 19th, 1775. The students have been given outline notes and we are using responders during in class lessons - the students are really RESPONDING to this in class activity.



January News

I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas break! It is hard to believe that we are already heading into the 2nd semester of 5th grade, isn't it? It has been a fantastic year so far, and I am looking forward to the next two quarters. Here is a brief look at what we will be working on during January:


Both classes will be returning to the Journeys textbook this month. We will be following the same weekly schedule as we did during much of 1st quarter. The story will be introduced on Monday, with review and discussion on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday there will be an open book comprehension test and a closed book vocabulary quiz. On Friday there will be a Spelling test over the 10 Spelling&Vocabulary words from the weekly story. Fridays will also be our review day during 3rd quarter. I will be choosing different topics to review with in class activities to help prepare for the State Assessments.



This month we begin the Verbs unit. Expect daily assignments and an open book test at the conclusion of the unit. I anticipate that this unit will last through most of January, but please watch the agenda for notice about upcoming tests.



Unfortunately, Christmas Break fell right in the middle of our Colonies Unit. We will pick back up where we left off (after plenty of review) with the Southern Colonies. The students were given notes at the beginning of the unit that outlined the major points about each colony that they would be expected to know come the unit test. These notes also had all of the unit vocabulary (with definitions) that students will be tested over at the end of the unit. The Colony Map Quizzes will return in January. On the first map quiz taken in December, students were expected to have correct colony placement, but did not have to spell the colonies correctly. For the remainder of the quizzes, students will be expected to have both correct placement and spelling of the colonies. Map Quiz #2 is tentatively scheduled for Monday January 12th. 


December Update

Can you believe 2nd quarter and the 1st semester are nearly over? The time really has flown by! November was full of fun, exciting things; I am so proud of the wonderful job our kiddos did with their Saint Museum - what an awesome achievement!

Here is a brief look at what we will be doing during the short month of December:


The classes are switching novels from November. 5B will be reading "Loser" and 5A will be reading "A Family Apart." The novels are very different in terms of writing style but the overall messages about the importance of friends and family, and making the right choices are similar. Both books are AR and students will be encouraged to take the AR tests to count towards the 8 Quarter 2 AR points that will be due before they leave for Christmas break.



We will continue working on the Adjectives Unit that we started in November. This unit will conclude, with time for review, before Christmas break. The test is tentatively scheduled for December 15th. This test, like the previous ones, will be open book. Students are welcome to use any notes from previous units but we did not create notes for this unit. If students would like to make their own Adjectives Unit notes, they are welcome to use them on the test as long as I can approve them ahead of time.



The "What if the Colonists has Instagram" project will be due on Friday December 12th. Beginning Tuesday December 9th students will be allowed to turn the project in early and receive extra credit for doing so - 1 extra credit point will be given for every day that the project is turned in early.



The next unit covers the 13 original British colonies in North America. We will be using the text book for this unit. This unit will begin in December and not conclude until sometime in January.

Instagram Project Research Websites

Jamestown Game



Click the link above to see how YOU would do if YOU were a Jamestown colonist.

Will you lead your colony to greatness or disaster?




What If the Colonists Had Instagram?

"What If the Colonists Had Instagram?" is the title of a cross-curricular social studies and writing project the students will begin working on this week. I am really excited about this project, which will allow students to showcase their creativity while learning more about the early English settlers in Jamestown, Roanoke, and Plymouth.

This project will be something the students will be expected to work on both at home and at school. I have class time set aside in the coming weeks to assist students here at school, but not enough to allow the project to be done entirely during school.

The final project is due on Friday December 12th.


You will find several useful pages under the documents tab on my webpage:

1. Assignment information sheet - this page not only explains the project, but outlines my expectations for the project. This page will be given to the students.

2. Project rubric - a copy of this will be given to the students and a rubric will need to be handed in with the final project.

3. Project Example - this is an example of how you could complete the project using the computer (this example was created in Word). Character, location, photo, caption, likes, comments, and citing of photo sources are all mandatory. Hashtagging is optional. This format does NOT have to be used. Projects may be computer generated, hand drawn/written (neatly!), traced, etc.

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