January News

I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas break! It is hard to believe that we are already heading into the 2nd semester of 5th grade, isn't it? It has been a fantastic year so far, and I am looking forward to the next two quarters. Here is a brief look at what we will be working on during January:


Both classes will be returning to the Journeys textbook this month. We will be following the same weekly schedule as we did during much of 1st quarter. The story will be introduced on Monday, with review and discussion on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday there will be an open book comprehension test and a closed book vocabulary quiz. On Friday there will be a Spelling test over the 10 Spelling&Vocabulary words from the weekly story. Fridays will also be our review day during 3rd quarter. I will be choosing different topics to review with in class activities to help prepare for the State Assessments.



This month we begin the Verbs unit. Expect daily assignments and an open book test at the conclusion of the unit. I anticipate that this unit will last through most of January, but please watch the agenda for notice about upcoming tests.



Unfortunately, Christmas Break fell right in the middle of our Colonies Unit. We will pick back up where we left off (after plenty of review) with the Southern Colonies. The students were given notes at the beginning of the unit that outlined the major points about each colony that they would be expected to know come the unit test. These notes also had all of the unit vocabulary (with definitions) that students will be tested over at the end of the unit. The Colony Map Quizzes will return in January. On the first map quiz taken in December, students were expected to have correct colony placement, but did not have to spell the colonies correctly. For the remainder of the quizzes, students will be expected to have both correct placement and spelling of the colonies. Map Quiz #2 is tentatively scheduled for Monday January 12th. 


December Update

Can you believe 2nd quarter and the 1st semester are nearly over? The time really has flown by! November was full of fun, exciting things; I am so proud of the wonderful job our kiddos did with their Saint Museum - what an awesome achievement!

Here is a brief look at what we will be doing during the short month of December:


The classes are switching novels from November. 5B will be reading "Loser" and 5A will be reading "A Family Apart." The novels are very different in terms of writing style but the overall messages about the importance of friends and family, and making the right choices are similar. Both books are AR and students will be encouraged to take the AR tests to count towards the 8 Quarter 2 AR points that will be due before they leave for Christmas break.



We will continue working on the Adjectives Unit that we started in November. This unit will conclude, with time for review, before Christmas break. The test is tentatively scheduled for December 15th. This test, like the previous ones, will be open book. Students are welcome to use any notes from previous units but we did not create notes for this unit. If students would like to make their own Adjectives Unit notes, they are welcome to use them on the test as long as I can approve them ahead of time.



The "What if the Colonists has Instagram" project will be due on Friday December 12th. Beginning Tuesday December 9th students will be allowed to turn the project in early and receive extra credit for doing so - 1 extra credit point will be given for every day that the project is turned in early.



The next unit covers the 13 original British colonies in North America. We will be using the text book for this unit. This unit will begin in December and not conclude until sometime in January.

Instagram Project Research Websites

Jamestown Game



Click the link above to see how YOU would do if YOU were a Jamestown colonist.

Will you lead your colony to greatness or disaster?




What If the Colonists Had Instagram?

"What If the Colonists Had Instagram?" is the title of a cross-curricular social studies and writing project the students will begin working on this week. I am really excited about this project, which will allow students to showcase their creativity while learning more about the early English settlers in Jamestown, Roanoke, and Plymouth.

This project will be something the students will be expected to work on both at home and at school. I have class time set aside in the coming weeks to assist students here at school, but not enough to allow the project to be done entirely during school.

The final project is due on Friday December 12th.


You will find several useful pages under the documents tab on my webpage:

1. Assignment information sheet - this page not only explains the project, but outlines my expectations for the project. This page will be given to the students.

2. Project rubric - a copy of this will be given to the students and a rubric will need to be handed in with the final project.

3. Project Example - this is an example of how you could complete the project using the computer (this example was created in Word). Character, location, photo, caption, likes, comments, and citing of photo sources are all mandatory. Hashtagging is optional. This format does NOT have to be used. Projects may be computer generated, hand drawn/written (neatly!), traced, etc.

November News

Here is a quick overview of what we will be working on during November:


During November and December, each class will be reading a novel during class. 5A will begin with "Loser" and 5B will read "A Family Apart" and then switch novels in December. Spelling and Vocabulary words will come from the books, with lists given on Mondays. Both books are AR and students may take the AR tests to count towards their 2nd quarter goal of 8 points.



The Pronouns test will be Friday November 7th. This will be open book and open note. The next unit will be over Adjectives. Expect near daily assignments during this unit - watch the agenda for specific homework.



The Explorers test will be on Monday November 3rd. The next unit is quite short - Early English Settlements. The test over this unit will be Friday November 21st. Our next Writing project will come from this unit. I will send home an assignment sheet as soon as the project is introduced.

October Outlook

Welcome to October! I can't believe 1st quarter is almost over. We have learned so much and I am very excited about the fun things we will be working on in October!



The test over the Maya-Inca-Aztec unit it Monday October 6th. The next unit - EXPLORERS -  begins on Wednesday the 8th. We will be learning about the Viking explorers, Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, and many more adventurous individuals throughout this exciting unit. Class will continue to be discussion, pictures, stories, etc. The students will receive a completed set of notes, in outline format, at the beginning of the unit. A study guide will be given at least one week prior to the test.



We are currently at the beginning of the Pronouns unit in the English text book (Voyages). We will continue working our way through this unit with daily assignments. Expect an open book/open note test towards the end of October.



The first full week of October will be a story from the Journeys text book about the tree kangaroo. We will follow the usual pattern during this week (October 6-10). The following week (October 13-17), there will be another in class 'mini-project' where students will get to choose an animal from the endangered species list to research and share with the class. A rubric will be given on Monday the 13th and time to research and prepare will be given during class this week. The third week of October (20-24) we will return to the text book for Lesson 7. The last week of October, we will be reading an adapted version of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. This is always one of my favorite books to share with the students; many know of the legend of Frankenstein, but the story itself teaches many lessons that the students really respond to - I'm looking forward to reading the book with the class!



This month the spelling tests will be as follows:

Journeys Lesson 6 words - test Friday October 10th

Journeys Lesson 4-6 review words - test Friday October 17th

Journeys Lesson 7 words - test Friday October 24th

Thursday October 30th - no spelling test.



Please continue to help your student with the Saint Museum Project. If you have lost the info sheet that I sent home originally, look under the Documents tab on this page. There are also extra copies of the research worksheet that you can download and print. Thank you for all of your support as we get the kiddos ready for this exciting day!



Tuesday October 7th - field trip. Please wear spirit wear/jeans and bring a sack lunch and a drink

Friday October 10th - end of 1st Quarter.

Monday October 20th - Mustangs Matter Day!, AR Store

October 20-24th - Great Pumpkin guesses sold

Wednesday October 22nd - AR reward day

Thursday October 30th - Great Pumpkin Assembly @ 1:30, Class Party @2:40

Friday October 31st - No School! Have a safe and fun Halloween!

Saint Report Research Websites

September News

We have had a wonderful start to school! Here is a quick look at what will be coming up in September for our fabulous 5th graders.



We will continue with the Nouns Unit through most of September. This is one of the larger units, but it reviews and teaches many of the foundational skills that the students will need throughout the year. Daily assignment will be given, but most should be able to be completed (or nearly completed) in class. There will be a test over this unit near the end of September. The test will be open book and open note, and will follow 4 days of in class review. Watch the agenda for more specific dates and assignments.



The first week of September we will be doing a fun "mini project" in class. The students will be adapting fairy tales to modern day situations and characters. Students will be given a rubric/handout of expectations which will include some type of visual to assist in the retelling of their story. This visual can be hand drawn, computer generated, a costume they wear to present, a poster, a book they made, etc. We will discuss this in-depth during class on Monday; my expectation is just that they have something prepared to share in class on Friday. I understand that they will be given only 4 days to work on this assignment, and will expect results that match this very short timeline. This will be done mostly in class, but depending on how elaborate your student chooses to make the required visual, some time at home may be necessary to finish the story by Friday.


The following weeks will follow the same pattern established during August. Mondays will be story introduction. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we will work in class to review the weekly skill focus through writing. An open book comprehension test will be on Fridays. The weekly comprehension tests do NOT need to be signed and returned.



The first week of September, the spelling words will be a review of the words from the first two weeks of school. A list will come home Tuesday September 2nd with all 10 words (5 of the 10 from each week in August). There will NOT be a vocabulary assignment this week, but a spelling test will be on Friday.

The rest of the month will follow the pattern established in August. The words that go with the weekly story will come home Monday with a vocabulary assignment due the next day. There will be both a Spelling and a Vocabulary test on Friday, which is NOT (much to the dismay of the students) open book.



During the last week of August, the "Superhero Essay" was introduced. While the content of this essay is silly, this paper helps the students understand the format of a 5 paragraph essay. We will be doing most of the work in class, but please watch the agenda for due dates of the rough draft, parent editing, and final copy.

Towards the end of September, the Saint Report paper will be introduced. This paper will also be in the 5 paragraph essay format. I will send home a worksheet with the specific information each paragraph should contain after the paper has been introduced.



During the first week of September, we will begin the Maya-Inca-Aztec unit. Most of this unit will be taught in class through discussion and lecture. There will not be many daily assignments given, rather points for participating during class. A study guide for this unit test will be given early in the unit and filled out gradually as we go through the unit. This allows the students to be studying the information as we progress through the unit so the test at the end won't be so overwhelming. Please watch the agenda for specific dates and information.


1st day of School

What a wonderful first day of school! We covered a lot of information and I am very excited about beginning a new school year. Please be sure to check back frequently for news and updates.

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