5th Grade Info - Back to School

Welcome Back to school everyone! I'm so excited about all of the wonderful, fun things we are going to learn and do this year in 5th grade. Please read the agenda daily for assignment updates - please note that assignments will be marked with a checkmark and in-class work will be marked with a no symbol. Please read below for useful information about each of the subjects that I teach.



Spelling tests will be given every Friday. The words used will be the same as the weekly vocabulary words that go with our Journeys story for the week. Vocabulary test will be multiple choice. I will send home new lists on Fridays. You can also find the words under the documents tab on this page. 



We will be using the Journeys textbook for the first quarter. Students will use a variety of activities and assignments throughout the week to familiarize themselves with the story. Tests will be Friday and open-book.



We will be using the Voyages textbook daily. Students will have 10-15 minutes of classtime to work on homework assignments to allow them an opportunity to ask questions and clarify the lesson. Tests will be open book.



Writing will be done mostly in class in 5th grade. I will ask for help when it comes to final editing of papers but I will send home specific guidelines to follow and the rubric I will be using to grade the paper. Thank you for taking the time to support what we are doing in class by sitting down with your child and helping them edit their paper.


Social Studies:

Each class will have Social Studies 3 times per week. I use a variety of ways to teach the history of North America - some textbook use, lots of pictures, stories, video clips, articles, etc. The kids are looking forward to finally (finally!) getting to dive into learning history! 

Welcome Back 2016

I can't wait to see everyone on the first day of school! I am looking forward to a fantastic school year!

Mrs. Holding