This month we will be using a supplemental book from the Journeys series called Mysteries of the Mummy Kids. This book is a collection of articles about mummies from all over the world. While some of the images can initially be startling, I think the students will quickly see that the main focus of the text is a study of past cultures and civilizations.

Following the mummy book we will be doing one quick story in the textbook before beginning Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Patterson.

State Assessments will be here soon and we will continue to review concepts as well as test taking strategies in class.



I was very very pleased with the Verbs tests - the students have really come a long way from the beginning of the year! In February we will be moving on to Adverbs.


Social Studies:

During February we will conclude the first part of the Revolutionary War Unit - The Road to War. The students have been wonderfully engaged during our in class discussions. More information about the tests, as well as a study guide, will come home later this month with at least a week's worth of notice before the test.

Artesia Art

We will be working on the Artesia Art project here at school over the next few weeks. Students will be making a sports-themed silhouette tile that will be available for individual purchase during Artesia.

While we will be decorating here at school, students are asked to find/make a figure to trace onto the tile as their silhouette. The tiles are 5 inches X 5inches. Please allow your child to complete this portion of the art project at home, so we can decorate here at school. 

Colonial Journal Writing Project

Using the information learned in class (SS notes) and your text book (p. 234-237), create 3 journal entries for a British tax collector living in the colonies OR a colonist. All three entries should be from the same person/perspective. 

For each of the 3 entries, please include:

-          Date/year

-          Description of event (choose from the list below)

-          Your character’s thoughts/feelings about the event


Significant events from 1763 - 1770:

-          Proclamation of 1763

-          British officials enforcing tax laws (following the French & Indian War)

-          Stamp Act

-          Stamp Act Congress

-          Sons of Liberty

-          Boycott of British goods

-          Townsend Acts

January 2016 News

Welcome Back - 2016 has some great things in store for the 5th grade:


During the first 3 weeks of January we will be returning to the Journeys text book. Students should expect a similar format to what we used during the first few months of school - introduction of the story on Monday, practice throughout the week, story test on Friday. A few minor adjustments: On 5 day weeks, we will have the story test on Thursday, and use the 5th day to prepare for upcoming state assessments. Spelling and vocabulary words will come from the story and can be found both in the text book, or under the documents tab on this page.



We will begin 3rd quarter with the Verbs unit. This unit should last most of January, with daily assignments given. As always, watch the agenda for notice of upcoming tests.



We will finish the 13 Colonies unit this month. There will be a study guide that comes home a few days prior to the test, but both the test and study guide come STRAIGHT from the notes students were given in early December. The Map quiz will be given once a week, also. Please have your student see me if they have lost their copy.



Our next unit over Persuasive writing will not start until mid-January. The students will be writing a 5 paragraph essay (a format they should be quite familiar with by this point in the year) over a school rule/policy that they would like to change. More information will be given when the paper is assigned, but most of the writing/typing will be done here at school.



Beginning in late January, we will be using a supplemental book that came with the Journeys Reading series called "Mysteries of the Mummy Kids". This text provides high-level informational text reading opportunities for the students, but some of the images can initially be startling (since the images are all real photographs of mummies). I wanted to let parents know ahead of time that we will be reading this book, so if you would like to preview the text before we begin reading as a class you would have an opportunity to do so - I would be happy to send a copy home for you to pre-read. I think you will find that the book discusses what we can learn about past cultures and civilizations through the scientific observation of the mummies in a way that is respectful but also very engaging for the students.

December News

It seems incredible that we are almost 1/2 way through 5th grade! Here is a brief overview of the things we will be working on during the next few weeks:


The classes have switched novels from November. During December, 5A will be reading Loser, and 5B will be reading Shiloh. Both classes will have an open-book, multiple choice test on Wednesday December 16th. Both books have AR tests that the students are welcome to take to count towards their 8 points needed for the quarter (those points will be due December 17th).


We are working our way through the Adjectives unit. Things seem to be getting easier for the classes as they continue to better understand nouns and the words that modify them. Please continue to expect daily assignments and a test over the unit (open-book) on Wednesday December 16th. I know that two tests are currently planned for this day, but both are open book, cannot be studied for, and should not pose too challenging for the classes.



We have begun our unit on the 13 original British colonies. This unit will not be tested until sometime in mid-January. The students will be using the textbook during this unit, so please know that there will be days with Social Studies assignments (though more often than not, there will be ample class time given to complete the work at school).



The Instagram project is due Friday December 11th. For extra credit, students may turn in their work early: Monday 12/7 - 3 points extra credit, Wednesday 12/9 - 2 points, Thursday 12/10 - 1 point.

November Events

We only have a few short weeks in November - here is a brief overview of what we are going to be working on during that time.


5A will be reading Shiloh and 5B will be reading Loser. Most of the reading will be done during class with assignments several times a week. Weekly Spelling words will come from the reading and can be found under the Documents tab on this page. The classes will switch novels in December.


The next unit, Early English Settlements, is a very short one. We will be discussing the British colonies of Roanoke, Jamestown, and Plymouth in North America. There will be a test on the last day before Thanksgiving break (watch for a study guide about a week before).


The next project will tie in with the Early English Settlements unit in Social Studies. The "What If The Colonists Had Instagram" Project will be assigned during November, but will not be due until December - more due dates to come once the assignment has been given.


The Pronouns Unit test will be Mid-November and will be open-book and open-note. The Adjectives unit will follow and most likely will go through most of December.

Instagram Project Research Websites

Jamestown Game



Click the link above to see how YOU would do if YOU were a Jamestown colonist.

Will you lead your colony to greatness or disaster?




What If the Colonists Had Instagram?

"What If the Colonists Had Instagram?" is the title of a cross-curricular social studies and writing project the students will begin working on this week. I am really excited about this project, which will allow students to showcase their creativity while learning more about the early English settlers in Jamestown, Roanoke, and Plymouth.

This project will be something the students will be expected to work on both at home and at school. I have class time set aside in the coming weeks to assist students here at school, but not enough to allow the project to be done entirely during school.

The final project is due on Friday December 11th.


You will find several useful pages under the documents tab on my webpage:

1. Assignment information sheet - this page not only explains the project, but outlines my expectations for the project. This page will be given to the students.

2. Project rubric - a copy of this will be given to the students and a rubric will need to be handed in with the final project.

3. Project Example - this is an example of how you could complete the project using the computer (this example was created in Word). Character, location, photo, caption, likes, comments, and citing of photo sources are all mandatory. Hashtagging is optional. This format does NOT have to be used. Projects may be computer generated, hand drawn/written (neatly!), traced, etc.