Washington DC Virtual Tours

1. Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception



2. Mount Vernon - home of George Washington



3. National Archives Rotunda - Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and The Bill of Rights



4. The White House



5. Virtual Capitol Tour -  government buildings


March 2017


Prior to soring break, both classes will be reading Bridge to Terabithia. The spelling and vocabulary words will go along with this novel (see documents if your child has lost their list). 3rd quarter AR points will be due Friday March 17th.



We will be finishing up the Adverbs unit and taking the unit test on Tuesday March 14th. Following spring break, we will pick up with the next unit, Prepositions-Conjunctions-Interjections.



The test for the Road To Revolutionary War unit test is on Wednesday March 8th. The next unit over the Revolutionary War will begin after Spring Break.



Prior to Spring Break, there will be weekly review assignments in Study Island covering topics related to writing and writing conventions. Each assignment is due by 7:35 a.m. on the last day of the school week. In order to receive full credit, a blue ribbon must be earned in each topic.

February in 5th Grade


We will be spending the first two weeks reading Mysteries of the Mummy Kids. This book is a great way to expose the kids to high level vocabulary in non-fiction. We will be reading most of this together in class so that we can frequently stop and discuss the different cultures and customs that we learn about.

For the middle two weeks of February, we will be back in the Journeys text book before beginning the novel, Bridge to Terabitha.



The Verbs test will be on Wednesday February 8th. The next unit will be over Adverbs and will be considerably shorter. Expect the Adverbs test to be towards the end of February or beginning of March.



We will continue learning about the events that led to the Revolutionary War. There will be a mix of class discussion, work from the text book, and research assignments.


Welcome back to school! Here is a quick look at what we will be doing this month.


Students will be using the Journeys textbook this month. I plan to cover lessons 16, 17, and 18. We are skipping lessons 11-15 for now, and coming back to cover them during 4th quarter when those stories will coincide with the Social Studies content. Spelling and vocab words can be found under the documents tab if your child has lost their given weekly list.



In January, we will be covering the Verbs unit. Expect daily assignments - though I always give class time to work and most students finish the assignment in class. The test will be either late January or early February (open book and open note as always).



We will be finishing the colonies unit by Mid January. I am currently planning the test to be on Wednesday January 18th. There is not a study guide for this test, rather students should use their notes to study. Extra copies of the notes can be found under the documents tab. Following the Colonies unit, we will begin the "Road to Revolutionary War" Unit. This is a rather large unit in which we will discuss the major events that led to the colonies fighting a war to win their independence.



This month we will be working on several small projects in Writing focusing on various different topics. These will be done in class for the most part.

Saint Museum SUCCESS!

Congratulations, 5th grade! We are all so proud of the AMAZING Saint Museum you presented for our school!

November 2016


We will finish the Pronouns Unit this month. Currently, I have the open book, open note test planned for Friday October 11th. The next unit will be over Adjectives - watch the agenda for daily assignments and expect a test on this unit before Christmas Break.



5B just started Loser by Jerry Spinelli. We will be reading several chapters a day in class with 2-3 assignments per week. The Spelling and vocabulary words will come from the book. I have included a copy under the documents tab should the students need an extra.

5A just started Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. We will be reading 1 chapter a day in class, expect 2-4 assignments per week. The Spelling and vocabulary words will come from this book. I have included a copy of the words under the documents tab.

5B and 5A will switch novels in December.


We just started a VERY short unit over the early English settlements in North America. This unit will be taught and tested before Thanksgiving break. Current plan is to have the test on Friday November 18th.


I will be introducing a cross curricular project (Social Studies, Technology, and Writing) on November 9th called "What if the colonists had Instagram?" This project will be due Friday December 9th and students will be given class time to accomplish the majority of their work. A rubric, assignment page, and example page will be sent home with the students as well as included under the documents tab on this page.

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