Fifth Grade Finish Line

We are so close to the end of a wonderful year in 5th grade! Here is a quick look at what will be accomplishing in the weeks leading up to the FIFTH GRADE FINISH LINE!



5A will continue working in the text book the 2nd and 3rd weeks of May. These stories are nonfiction and supplement what we are learning about in Social Studies in regard to the American Revolution.

5B is finishing "Cheaper By The Dozen." We will be finished with the novel by Thursday May 15th. Students will be able to take the AR test for points to count towards 4th quarter, but they will not be available to spend at the AR store (the last store will be Tuesday May 13th). Students can also decide to wait until summer to take AR tests, so points can count towards their 2014-2015 school year totals.



Our Sentences Unit is a great review of all we have learned this year. The students have shown immense growth this year! Continue to expect near daily assignments through the end of next week (May 15th).



The Revolutionary War test will be Thursday May 8th; this will be the final test of the year. We will spend our remaining class periods covering the Constitution, Articles of Confederation, and installation of George Washington as our nation's first President.



The poetry project will be finished this Friday (May 9th). We will be working on a few creative writing in-class assignments in the last few class periods of the school year.



This Friday (May 9th) will be the last Spelling test for BOTH 5A and 5B for the school year.

All About April

April is going to be a busy and exciting month in 5th grade! Here is a look at we will be up to in Language Arts and Social Studies.


5A: We will continue reading "Cheaper By the Dozen" for most of the month of April. This novel is usually a student favorite (and one of mine!) but it is challenging, so the majority of the reading will be done in class. Expect a few assignments each week and a spelling and vocabulary test on Friday.

5B: This class is working on articles, texts, and passages that all relate back to the Revolutionary War (which we are learning about in Social Studies). We will be using the Journeys text book series for the next few weeks while we work on these informational stories. Expect a few assignments, a spelling and vocabulary test on Fridays, and an open book comprehension test each week.



We will be using a variety of sources to learn about the Revolutionary War in social studies this month. Students will be using the textbook, watching videos, looking at pictures, and there will also be lecture/discussion lessons to help us learn about the beginning of the United States of America.



The Unit started right after Spring Break, Prepositions-Conjunctions-Interjections, will continue through most of April. As with past units, there will be daily assignments, but students should be able to finish them in class during the 10-15 minutes allotted during English class.



The poetry unit continues!



More information on this exciting and life-saving event will be coming home at the beginning of the month. I will also be emailing out a lot of information about how to sign up to volunteer or to donate at the blood drive.

April 28th 9:30 - 2:30

Magdalen Parish Hall

March News


Prior to Spring Break, we will finish reading "Bridge to Terabithia." There will be a test over the book on Thursday March 13th, but it will be simple. We will be reading Revolutionary War novels following Spring Break.



The Adverbs Unit will conclude with an open book test on Tuesday March 11th. We will be reviewing in class the three days prior. After Spring Break the unit over Prepositions, Conjunctions, and Interjections will begin.



The "Road to War" Unit will conclude with a test on Wednesday March 12th. There will be a study guide given about a week prior that contains all the information students would need to know for the test.



We will continue writing two poems a week through March.



The 5th grade will take Reading State Assessments on Thursday March 13th and Friday March 14th in the morning on both dates. These dates are different than what was previously discussed. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Find Out About February

Here is a quick overview of what we will be doing this February in 5th Grade:



With the Verbs unit test being this first week of February, we will switch focus to adverbs for February and March. Please continue to watch the agenda for homework, which will be daily, but usually able to be finished in class. The Adverbs unit test will most likely be prior to Spring Break.



This month we begin the first half of the Revolutionary War unit, which is called "the Road to War" or just RTW, for short. Students will receive a copy of the notes on the first day of the unit. We will be discussing the notes in class, and I will also be using pictures and video to supplement the instruction. The test date has not been determined yet, but please watch the agenda. A study guide will come home at least one week prior to the test.



In February, we will be working on a variety of different types of literature. This first week, students will be reading informational booklets about different people and events relating to the Revolutionary War. One week will be spent using the Journeys Reading text book, and during the last weeks of February we will begin reading the novel, "Bridge to Terabithia" in class.



Last week, students received their next project assignment which was a persuasive 5 paragraph essay. They are to choose something they would like to change about our school (for example: a dress code rule) and come up with three reasons why. They should all have notes to help guide them as to the format of the paper. The thesis sentence will be written during class. Please watch the agenda for the due dates.


Mysteries of the Mummy Kids

This week in Reading we will be using an informational text from the Journeys series called Mysteries of the Mummy Kids. Each day the students will be expected to write a response paragraph over the reading done in class from the book. The prompts for each day are written below:


Based on the pictures on pages 4,7, and 8 - would you like to join an expedition to excavate a mummy? Explain why or why not.



Give an example from the text (include page numbers) that shows that Dr. Reinhard enjoys his job.



What could Carter have done to protect Tut?



What do you think made a European's journey on the Silk Road difficult and dangerous.



It is hard to believe we are half way through the year - so many exciting things to come, still! Here is an idea of what we will be starting 2014 off with:


We will begin the Verbs Unit the first day back in January. Similar to past units, there will be a short daily assignment, several days of review, and a test at the conclusion of the unit. Please watch the agenda for test dates.



We are returning to the text book for a while - expect a similar format as was followed prior to the novels.

Monday: vocabulary/spelling assignment

Tuesday: workbook assignment

Wednesday: paragraph response

Thursday: Vocabulary test and OPEN BOOK Comprehension test

Friday: skill review, informational text, assessment prep activities.


Social Studies:

We will primarily be using the text book to learn about the 13 original colonies. Please expect a weekly map quiz over the 13 colonies - students will be given a copy of the quiz the first day back. It would be a good idea to review both the location and spelling of each colony several nights a week.



Incredible Artists!

Our 5th graders made these beautiful nativity silhouettes during art this month!







Extra Credit Opportunity

If students would like to hand in their Instagram projects early they may do so beginning FRIDAY DECEMBER 6th.

Students can earn extra credit points for handing in the project early, but please make sure the project is done NEATLY and COMPLETELY and that a rubric is included.

Extra Credit Available:

Friday 12/6 - 5 points

Monday 12/9 - 4 points

Tuesday 12/10 - 3 points

Wednesday 12/11 - 2 points

Thursday 12/12 - 1 point

Friday 12/13 - regular credit (no extra points)

ANY LATER THAN 12/13 - 64% credit. PLEASE have your project turned in on time.

December Update

Just a few short weeks left before Christmas Break! Here is a quick update about what we will be working on between now and the end of the semester:


The Adjectives Unit will be wrapping up the second week of December. There will be several days of in class review before the test on Tuesday December 17th.



5A and 5B will be switching novels from November. These books will be finished before we go on Christmas Break - the novel unit tests will be on Wednesday December 18th.



The Early European Settlements test will be Monday December 9th. Study guides were given on Monday December 2nd. We will be going over the answers in class on Wednesday December 4th, and reviewing on the 6th.



The Instagram project is due Friday December 13th.


Jamestown Online Game

Can you fare better than the Jamestown colonists?

Try your luck by clicking on the photo:

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