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Magdalen High School Youth Ministry


Magdalen Ambassadors of Christ Catholic Youth Ministry meets on Wednesday Evenings from 6:30-8:00pm in the Fox Hole youth room located across from the Magdalen school cafeteria.

The purpose of MAX CYM is to help High School students become "Active Disciples of Christ who Pray!"


World Youth Day 2016 Slideshow


Our goal is to help high school youth grow in a personal relationship with Christ, build healthy friendships, find their role in the Catholic Church and to help foster fruitful lives of prayer. We set out to accomplish this through energetic games, strong catechesis, intentional discussions, service opportunities, retreats, fun events and prayer experiences. The Director of Magdalen CYM is Chris Roth who has multiple adult core team members that help with Youth Ministry. 

A little over two years ago we combined the Magdalen High School PSR with the our MAX CYM with the goal of helping connect public school students with other high school students from our church that attend Catholic school. It has been very fruitful and a decision that we do not regret. While Magdalen PSR goes until 7:30pm and MAX CYM ends at 8:00pm, we do allow for HS PSR students with younger siblings in the lower PSR classes to leave at 7:30pm. 

Many of us miss out on opportunities to hear God's message to us or to meet people that will lead us in positive directions because we think that we will not know anyone when we attend for the first time to a new event. It is not uncommon to hear Chris encourage others by reminding them that the only way to meet new people is to be present with new people. And you can't be present if you don't show up. We invite you to take 3 chances and attend 3 meetings before you decide if this is something for you or not. Many students have been surprised with how much fun it is and how much it is not like school! We would also like to remind everyone that we know how certain seasons can be busy with sports and academic obligations. We understand that and want you to know that we will always have an open door for you to join us when you do not have these conflicts. You can join us any time of the year!

We looks forward to seeing you and getting to know you. If you have any questions please email Chris at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call him at (316) 616-0730.