Marriage Toolbox

Lenten Enrichment - Beloved Series - 6 Weeks beginning February 16, 2016

Beloved explores the essential realities of marriage, dealing with the deepest spiritual, emotional, and practical aspects of what the sacrament means for those preparing to get married as well as those who yearn for a richer married life. Through an exploration of Scripture, Tradition, and Church teaching, God's plan for marriage will come alive.

Discover why marriage matters, the truth about the bonds and commitment in love, God's plan for true spiritual and physical intimacy, skills for communication and resolving conflict, the importance of forgiveness and healing, ways to thrive in marriage, and so much more.

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WHAT IS THE MARRIAGE TOOLBOX? Built around the 4 pillars of stewardship, the Marriage Toolbox helps strengthen marriages through scripture, tradition, fun, & fellowship.

Formation Pillar - Marriage Toolbox Enrichment Courses - courses provide education, enrichment opportunities to strengthen marriages of ALL AGES AND STAGES at Magdalen.  All enrichment courses provide free childcare. Three enrichment programs will be offered throughout the year: Couple Prayer, The Beatitudes, and Resolving Conflict with P.R.A.Y. To learn more about our Enrichment Courses Click Here

Couple Prayer Series The Beatitudes:  
A Couple's Path
to Greater Joy
Resolving Conflict        





Hospitality Pillar - Marriage Toolbox Marriage Celebration Events -  2-3 events per year are offered to facilitate fun and fellowship among all married couples.  To learn more about upcoming events or to help plan these events Click Here.

Prayer Pillar - Marriage Toolbox Prayer Warriors - provide support to Magdalen's married couples through prayer. To learn how you can become a Prayer Warrior Click Here.

Service Pillar - Marriage Toolbox Childcare Volunteers - provide free childcare to Marriage Toolbox enrichment programs Volunteers are teens and Virtus trained adults.  To learn more about this ministry or to volunteer Click Here.



MARRIAGE MATTERS at MAGDALEN!! - Magdalen's Marriage Toolbox ministry is dedicated to strengthening marriages of all ages and all stages. As we navigate our married lives together, there are many 'tools' that will help us communicate better, love better, and even fight better.  The Church of the Magdalen wants you to know that your marriage matters.

What the Marriage Toolbox Has Meant to Us:"Marriage Toolbox has had such a powerful impact on our marriage.  It has reminded us that marriage is a union between husband, wife, AND God. Bringing prayer into the marriage on a daily basis, and not just at times of conflict, has brought us closer together and closer to God.  We truly believe families that pray together, stay together! Along the way, we’ve learned effective techniques for calm conflict resolution, received tips on improving our financial situation, and met some wonderful couples who have proven to be a good resource for us.  We are so blessed that God has brought this meaningful program into our lives!" -Chad & Stacy Thomison


The Wichita Diocese Office of Marriage and Family Life is also a wonderful resource for marriage and family.  Check them out HERE!

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