Pastoral Plan

Pastoral Plan

Church of the Magdalen

Catholic Diocese of Wichita

Updated December 2012

Mission Statement 

The mission of Magdalen Parish is to cultivate a family of stewards for Christ through personal prayer, public worship, Catholic education, and ministry to one another and the community at-large.

Pastoral Goals & Objectives 

1. To provide a warm environment of hospitality and welcome. 

§  Provide prompt and effective stewardship renewal follow-up by contacting parishioners and extending personal invitations to serve.

§  Personalize hospitality before, during, and after Mass.

§  Enhance current and create new programs for welcoming new parishioners to our parish. 

§  Continue to gather new parishioners on a regular basis for a reception with pastor, pastoral staff, pastoral council, and other parish leadership.

§  Continue development of a neighborhood compassion ministry program.

§  Provide and promote opportunities to share our cultural diversity in various aspects of parish life.

2. To encourage stewardship as a way of life in our journey of faith and extend this stewardship in the parish, community, and wider church.

§  Continually educate all parishioners on the stewardship way of life as disciples of Jesus Christ in the family, parish, and community.

§  Improve parish database to allow accessible information to assist ministries in welcoming, inviting, and following-up with parishioners after the stewardship renewal. 

§  Continue to provide leadership training on conducting meetings, contacting volunteers, interaction within ministries, and their role in the pastoral plan.

§  Develop ministries where there is interest by members of the parish for service. 

3. To provide support for the special needs of all parishioners.

§  Communicate, encourage, and help facilitate use of charitable services available in the parish and community.

§  Provide personal topic and/or development workshops taught by qualified individuals.

§  Establish prayer and outreach programs.


4. To foster and encourage a vibrant liturgical and prayer life.

§  Provide continual formation on the Mass and the parish’s response in word, action, and dress.

§  Continue to promote and foster good liturgical music at week-end Masses.

§  Provide and further develop opportunities for spiritual growth through liturgy, liturgical environment, educational opportunities, and Eucharistic Adoration which will lead each parishioner to a vibrant prayer life.


5. To ensure Catholic youth and young adults have opportunities to grow in faith, love, and stewardship.

§  Continue to provide and develop new mission, service, and mentoring opportunities. 

§  Develop formation programs to help young adults connect faith with everyday life at school, work, and relationships.

§  Review and enhance Confirmation program.

§  Teach youth about personal care, chastity, and formation on real-world issues facing young people.


6. To expand and promote adult faith formation.

§  Provide on-going Biblical studies and Catholic doctrine programs.

§  Hold a parish mission or retreat on a regular basis.

§  Provide and utilize multiple opportunities for continued adult formation.


7. To ensure that all Catholic youth have an opportunity for quality religious education and formation.

§  Integrate Catholic faith in all areas of child’s development in the Parish School of Religion and Magdalen Catholic School.

§  Increase parental involvement in the Parish School of Religion, Magdalen Catholic School, and Kapaun Mt. Carmel Catholic HighSchool to emphasize that parents are the primary educators of faith.

§  Evaluate the mission of our Catholic school to identify opportunities for spiritual, educational and facility growth.

§  Work in collaboration with the diocese and neighboring parishes to determine the best way to meet the growing need for Catholic school education in our parish.   


8. To create systems and structures that support sound financial practices.

§  Educate and form the parish on stewardship of treasure and how it affects the mission of the parish.

§  Expand ways for parishioners to make giving to the parish easier and more convenient. 

§  Continue an ongoing discernment process to evaluate future capital needs. 

§  Provide an annual operating budget for parish and school.      


9. To improve communication of parish services, events, and activities.

§  Provide notice of upcoming parish events at least one month prior.

§  Utilize current communication technology as a mode of communicating parish events.

§  Enhance all written communication strategies.