Kapuan's Men Group, October 16, 5:45am-7:00am, Marian Room

Men of the parish.  We are planning to form a Magdalen Group of Kapaun’s Men.  Taking as our model the life of Father Kapaun, Kapaun’s Men are men who are committed to fighting the great spiritual battle that rages around us.  We are a band of brothers who do not fight alone.  Jesus Christ is our strength and our leader.  Father Kapaun is our friend and guide.  A true Servant Leader, Father Kapaun epitomized Christian manhood and challenged his men to do the same.  We desire to emulate his virtues and so become better husbands, fathers, leaders and friends. 

Recognizing that we are stronger together than we are alone, we unite for prayer, formation and discussion to help each other grow in holiness.  We seek not only to lift each other up during struggles, but also to praise God for the many blessings He has bestowed on us.  Sometimes, like Father Kapaun, we pick our brother up and help him on his way; at other times we are the ones in need.  The important thing is, we’re in it together.

The format is simple. We will meet on Monday mornings from 5:45am to 7:00am beginning October 16, 2017 and conclude on December 4, taking Thanksgiving week off. The format for each session will be the same. First we will start each session with three Hail Mary’s and recite the Father Kapaun Prayer together. Second, we will watch a brief video that describes some virtue of Father Kapaun and the challenge that it presents to us in our lives.  Finally, we will split into small groups for discussion.  We promise to have you out no later than 7:00am, ready to go the work or if you want, to catch the 7:00am Mass. 


We are very much looking forward to sharing this with men of Magdalen.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. You don’t have to commit to every session to attend.  Some to what you can.