Magdalen is excited to begin a Children’s Liturgy during the 9:30am Mass. The youngsters will leave Mass for the Children’s Liturgy after opening prayer and return to parents after homily. They will be gone about 15-20 minutes. The children will be led by enthusiastic volunteers who will help them to reflect on that Sunday’s Gospel in forms of song and learning geared toward that age group.

The first Children’s Liturgy will be Sunday, September 10th after Labor Day weekend. Children age 3 up to age 5 (not in kindergarten) are invited to attend. Sign up will take place after 9:30am Mass in the gathering space on August 20 and 27. Please sign up a child who would like to participate in the Children’s Liturgy or sign up to be a volunteer. We are in need of extra hands to help manage all of our munchkins eager to hear God’s word. If you miss sign up or have questions, please feel free to contact Ashley Doty at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..