The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (R.C.I.A.) is a process by which men and women, who are interested in the Catholic faith, journey toward full initiation in the faith by study of the teachings of the Faith, Scripture, Liturgy, Service and Faith Sharing.

(All sessions take place in the Marian room after the 9:30am Sunday Mass)

   8:   Our Longing for God  --  Fr. Shawn
  15:  God’s Self Revelation   --  Fr. Shawn
  22:  Jesus: Lord, Messiah, Teacher and Savior  --  Fr. Gabriel
  29:  The Holy Spirit and Blessed Trinity  --   Darren Beckham

    5:  Ecclesiology:  The Church  --  Fr. Gabriel
  12:  Communion of Church & Communion of Saints  --  Fr. Shawn
  19:  Christian Destiny:  The Last Things  --  Darren Beckham

    3:  Introduction to Liturgy & the Sacraments  --  Fr. Shawn
  10:  Baptism & Confirmation  --   Darren Beckham
  17:  The Eucharist  --  Fr. Shawn

    7:  Sacrament of Holy Orders  --  Fr. Shawn
  14:  Sacrament of Matrimony  --  Fr. Gabriel
  21:  Marital Life  --  Rob & Becky Knapp
  28:  Reconciliation & Anointing of the Sick  --  Fr. Gabriel

    4:  Christian Prayer  --  Fr. Gabriel
  11:  Foundations of Christian Morality  --   Darren Beckham
  18:  Parish Mission (no RCIA presentation)  
  25:  Catholic Social Justice  --  Kit Lambertz

    4:  Call to Holiness  --  Fr. Shawn
  11:  First Three Commandments:  Love of God  --  Fr. Gabriel
  18:  Last Seven Commandments:  Love of Neighbor  --   Darren Beckham
  25:  Palm Sunday  --  no presentation  

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